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Monday, October 29, 2012

Looking So Grown Up

 There have been so many days when I have stopped and had to just take a second to realize just what a big boy my little Logan has turned it to.  There are times when I still feel like he's still a wee little guy who is so dependent on us, and other times when he is so darn independent.  I can't believe he's going to be three pretty soon!  It seems like time has been on fast forward. 
(He put his glasses on his hat all by himself.  We are still trying to figure out where he got that from!)
He wanted to put his book bag on and then said, "Go to school."

So handsome!

What better place to take a rest than on the stairs. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pop Naps

Curled up with Pop in his favorite chair.  That is some good napping!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eye exams should be illegal for kids!

As Logan is transitioning from Babies Can't Wait to the school system for speech, we had the pleasure of having to go get a thorough eye exam after he did not pass the vision screening. 
I called and scheduled the eye exam and amazingly we were able to get in the very next week.  As we were hanging up the receptionist informed me that we should plan for 2 hours and that Logan's eyes would get dilated. 


My Dad was able to meet me at the appointment, and thank goodness he was there.  It was long and not very fun.  The tech. tried to do a few tests, but Logan wasn't too sure.  She then had me hold him so that she could put the drop in his eyes to dilate them.  He cried for a few seconds, but was so okay, when he found out he could back to the movie room to watch Tangled. 

We waited so long, he decided to take a little nap on the floor!  

We waited, and waited, and waited....finally, Logan was called back to see the doctor.  The tech got us all ready and we waited again for the doctor to come in.  Loan decided the best place to wait would be under the chairs, that way the doctor couldn't see him.  When the doctor finally came in, I had to drag Logan out from under the chairs.  You can imagine how willing he was to let this doctor look into his eyes.  After a few failed attempts, the doctor asked me to hold Logan in my lap and wrap my legs over his and basically bear hug him.  GULP!!!  I knew this wasn't going to be good.  Logan started screaming "Help me!  I'm stuck!"  They reassured me nothing they were going to do would hurt him, but then Logan's screams turned to desperate shrieks of horror!  As I was holding him, the nurse was pinning his head against my chest and the doctor, who now had that scary light hat on his head was prying Logan's eyes open, shinning light in them, and holding up twenty different lenses all while my helpless and confused baby was pleading for me to save him.  Logan has cried really hard before, but I have never heard him be so scared in my life.  This mama held it together enough to keep him still, but I might have had more tears coming down my face than Logan. 

FINALLY, they were finished, and Logan and I composed ourselves to hear what the doctor said.  Again, thank goodness my dad was there.  He helped me get it together and understand what the doctor was saying.

Basically, Logan's eyes look good for now.  Because there is a family history of crossed eyes on my side, they want to continue to check Logan once a year.  The doctor said they way Logan's eyes focus, could lead to crossed eyes that would be corrected with glasses.  So, I guess I just signed myself and Logan up for this torture once a year, but I am happy to report that all is well for now! 

Logan got to go to a special lunch afterwards with Granddaddy in his big truck!  I think that made it all better!   

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cagle's Family Fun!

On Sunday, we loaded up the car and headed all the way across the street to Cagle's Family Farm!  We decided to go for the corn maze, but we were shocked to realize they had so much more.  There was pumpkin patch, goat petting area, jumping pillows, tricycles, swings, pony rides, a corn box, and of course yummy food!

 Mommy and Logan

Picking out a pumpkin!

Logan really liked the corn box (much better than a sand box)

My boys!

Feeding the goats

Swinging on the tire horse!

jumping on the pillow

In the corn maze

Leading the way in the maze

Enjoy some fresh roasted corn!

Daddy and Logan trying to lift the HUGE pumpkin!
We had such a good time, we are planning on going back a few more times to play! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Go to Zoo?"

Logan and I headed out to the zoo a few weekends ago.  We got in the car at 8:00 and we were the second people in line when we finally arrived.  Just like at the aquarium, we had the place to ourselves for about an hour!  Logan is absolutely in love with zoo and all of the animals.

Looking at the otters

We were about 2 feet from the giraffes!  They were huge!

Willie B!

We toured the whole zoo, had a snack and started to go around for lap 2, but it was getting pretty packed.  So, we packed it up, and headed back to the car.  As soon as Logan realized we were in the parking lot, he started crying and saying, "Oh no, zoo....Oh no, animals". 

Now every time we get in the car and get on 575 (the interstate by us), he asks, "Go to zoo?"  I sadly, have to tell him "No, not today, buddy." 

I think a family zoo pass is in store for Christmas or his birthday. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dare Devil

My little shy guy is becoming quite the little dare devil.  He's gone from riding  his little bike more to now trying to stand and ride! 

Check out these two crazy dare devils!  WATCH OUT!