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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pinkies Up!

These pinky pictures crack me up!

6 Weeks and First Smiles!

Logan and I were having our usual play time this morning and while I was talking and singing to him, he kept smiling back at me. I thought it was probably still "gassy" smiles and by the time I got the camera he would stop, but he just kept smiling and playing. We played this smile game for about 15 minutes. It melted my heart. He has pretty much been asleep since then, so I haven't been able to try again, but I'm pretty sure these were real smiles!

I love how sweet his face looks in these two pictures!

This picture was taken last week, but it was too cute not to post. He was laying in Daddy's lap and had a grip on the toy and with Daddy's help was able to make it play the music several times.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

I know we will have more favorites as he gets older, but I thought it would be fun to document what things we couldn't live without right now.
5 Weeks:

These two things I love for the car seat. The cover is great because not only does it keep him warm, but it keeps people from getting too close or touching him. It has been on his seat since the hospital and we haven't taken it off. The sheep attaches to the car seat and plays calming sounds. It puts him right to sleep.

These are the things I love for feeding. My Breast Friend pillow is the best thing ever made. It is so much better than the Boppy for feeding. It gives me back support and offers a straight shelf for Logan to rest on instead of the curved top of the Boppy, which doesn't support him. We are having Logan take one bottle a day, and he seems to really like the Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles. He hasn't had any trouble going between breast and bottle. I like the wide neck, because it really makes him open his mouth like when on the breast.

These four items are our essential sleeping items. Since Logan has been napping in his crib, we have been using this awesome color day and night video monitor. It is so awesome to be able to look at him and get peace of mind that everything is okay. It's so cool that it even works at night in the dark. The next two items kind of go together. Logan loves to be swaddled! He has a hard time falling asleep if he is not swaddled because he wiggles and wakes himself up. These swaddles are great because you can get them swaddled very quickly and it keeps their arms down so they can't break free of the swaddle. When we put him down, we use the sleep positioner. Not only is it for safety, to keep him on his back and in the middle of the crib or bassinet, but it also keeps him snug. I am so paranoid about SIDS, and this helps insure that he stays on his back...Remember..."Back to Sleep".

These last to things are great during the occasional times that Logan gets fussy. The hospital started us on these pacifiers, which can only be ordered from Australia! Logan loves them. I bought several different kinds before he was born, and he won't take them. He has to have his Gumdrop paci. The second thing that works like a charm when he is fussy is the sling. It is also really helpful for Mommy because I can still hold him very close to me, but it allows me to have two free hands.

We almost have a 10 pounder!!

We were out to lunch yesterday, so we decided to stop by PAMPA to visit and weigh Logan. (I love seeing how much he is changing and growing each week). We weighed him and he was 9lbs. 13 oz.!! Last week at his checkup, he was 8lbs. 13 oz. A whole pound in a week?? He was 22 inches long! What a champ! He is growing so quickly. If he keeps at the same rate, he should be 10 pounds by tomorrow or Monday. This week he is officially out of newborn clothes and wearing 3 month clothes. I thought they would be too big, but they fit him perfectly. I know every mother says this, but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful baby. I love my baby more than words can says. I am such a proud Mama!

Here is a picture of Grandaddy giving him a baba the other night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1 month already?

What a BIG boy!! One month old today! Can you believe it? A year ago today, Chris and I were dreaming of having a family and here we are one year later with our beautiful baby boy. I never imagined we could love someone or something this much, and I certainly can't imagine life without him. What did we do before him?

Logan has been taking his naps in his crib, but we put him in there for the first time at night last night. We gave him his bath, played a little, read him a few books (Daddy read him Goodnight Moon...So cute! ), and then put him down around 9:00. He went right to sleep and slept until about 1:15. He stayed in our room in the bassinet after that. (I had to have him closer to me for a little bit) :)

He loves his Tummy time and we are practicing rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy.

Yes, we are still celebrating the Saints around here. I'm sure we will be for a while!

One Month:
*Weight: 8lbs. 13 oz (as of last Wednesday) so I'm betting pretty close to 9 lbs now.
*Length: 20 3/4 inches
*Eating: during the day he eats every 2-3 hours and at night he eats every 3-4 hours
*Wearing: mostly newborn clothes, but some have started getting too small. The onesie in this picture is a 3 month.
*Sleeping: crib and bassinet
*Social Skills: Starting to smile and make a few noises
*Head Control: Lifts and turns his head while on our tummies and during Tummy Time

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Baba!!

Chris was so excited to give Logan his first baba Wednesday night! Daddy did a great job and Logan did, too! Mimi came over last night and gave him his second one. I was a little worried about him going back and forth between me and the bottle, but so far so good! On a sad note, I pulled out a few of Logan's really small newborn outfits because they are too short/small for him. I can't believe he has already grown out of a few outfits. Slow down time...You're already going too fast!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mommy must have Magic Milk!

Logan saw Dr. Worly today for his one month check up! (He was a few days early). I can't believe he is going to be one month this Sunday! Where's the time going?

Logan's last "official" weight was 14 days ago, when he was 2 weeks, and he weighed 7lbs 4 oz. Today he was 8lbs. 13 oz!!! Dr. Worly couldn't believe it! She said normal weight gain is 1/2 oz a day, and Logan gained 2oz. a day in the last two weeks! I can't believe I actually went in a little concerned because he eats so quickly (he's usually finished in about 12-14 minutes). I was worried he wasn't eating enough. She said there is nothing to worry about, some mommies have great let down and he's a great eater! He was 25 percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. He is meeting all the milestones he should be for 1 month. I'm so proud of my baby, he's perfect! Dr. Worly also told us to introduce a bottle of my milk once a day, to get him used to the bottle for when I go back to work. I think Chris and Mimi are excited about this!

We will go back in one month for his two month check up, where he will be getting shots! :(

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 3

I ordered these cute little stickers that go on a onesie to use for Logan's monthly pictures. I didn't get them until last week, so I had to do the "0" months picture when he was 3 weeks old. I will be taking his picture each month in these onesies and next to the turtle so that we can see how he is changes and grows.

Logan is finally staying awake a little more this week. He is a great sleeper and while I love to watch him sleep, I love it more when he is awake. He is so alert and happy when he is awake and he loves to watch our faces as we talk to him. It's really cute how he can hear our voices and look around to try to find us. During Tummy Time he is using his neck muscles and getting really strong. He looks like a little turtle stretching his neck out and looking around.

He is doing really well with breastfeeding still, which is such a relief to me. Breastfeeding was something I felt very strongly about doing, and honestly, I was very worried that I would not be able to. I knew I wanted to to not only for the nutritional benefits, but I wanted to have that extra bonding time with my baby. It's truly a miracle that your body is able to provide a baby with everything he needs to grow and develop. Even though he can't talk, when he looks at me with those big blue eyes while he is nursing, I know he is saying, "Thanks Mom! I love you!" It even makes those 2 and 5 am screams of hunger worth it. :) I am still really nervous about going out for long periods. It's one thing to be home and "whip it out", but it's another story to be in public. I'm sure I will get more comfortable and it will get easier to do with a nursing cover, but for now, we are keeping our outings to quick trips.

We tried the sling out today http://thepeanutshell.com/, and Logan loved it. He fell right asleep as soon as I put him in it. I was able to cook dinner and clean a little while he was in it. It was great! Hopefully, he will continue to like it.

Logan and Daddy are still being silly together. It makes me so happy to see Chris so happy and excited about the littlest things Logan does. He is such a good Daddy and I think I fall in love with him a little more everyday.
Logan has his one month check up tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

Monday, February 8, 2010

These Boys must be good luck charms!

Saints win Superbowl 2010!!

This was the first time they have EVER been to Superbowl, and I'm so glad we were all together to watch and celebrate (Josh, Megan and Mackenzie we missed you guys!). Logan, Daniel and (soon-to-be) Jack MUST be good luck charms! The boys must have helped Alabama, too. Alabama, (Melanie's team), won the National Championship earlier this year!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check out the book I created!

I found this awesome software to create your own book, then you upload it and they print it for you. It's hardback and I was even able to create the inside flaps and back cover. I put my pregnancy blog from start to finish in the book. I think it will be so great to have to remember the pregnancy.
(The front cover)

(The front and back flaps)

(One of the entries in the book)

Being Silly with Daddy

Daddy and Logan were hanging out...
Then we saw Logan passed out like this...

Of course, silly Daddy had to play along.

Awake for some play time!

We have another fan of the dancing and singing Mickey! I couldn't believe how much he watched it.

He thought something was funny, or maybe he pooed!

Cute Little Bear!
After his first real bath, didn't like it so much :(