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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day at the Lake

We were very excited to get to Granddaddy and Barbara's house on Saturday to finally see the new boat house and take a ride on the new boat.  Logan was very excited about bringing his fishing pole and being about to fish on the dock.  Once we got there, we through on our bathing suits and got right to it.  Grandddaddy bought worms and minnows and Logan was ready to play! 

Then, we hoped on the boat and went for a cruise.  I don't know who was more excited, me, Logan, my dad or the dog! 

 The front of the boat was his favorite spot!  Wind in his hair, water splashing in his face...nothing better!

Lilly loved it!

Dad took us by Pirate Island.  Logan wanted to know if that was Captain Hook and Smee.  :)
Driving with Daddy!

"I got this"
We got back and ate a delicious dinner and called it a night pretty early.  The next morning, Logan woke up, threw on a pair of underwear and his life jacket and was ready to get back to fishing. 

He was busy, busy, busy on the dock and giving mommy a heart attack every step he took.  Although I thought he got close a few times, he never did fall in.  Thank goodness!
Sunday afternoon, we got back on the boat and headed to my aunt and uncle's house for a Memorial Day celebration.  We had a great time and enjoyed some really yummy food. 

Logan playing with his big cousin Conner.  Conner is such a sweet kid and is just great with little ones.  I hope Logan grows up to be just like him and I hope he gets some of that Nason height, too.   
Logan and Jack playing with Conner 
The boys getting some tickles from Uncle Bud after we ate his famous homemade ice cream!  Yummy!

Sweet Anna
Logan and Jack relaxing on the hammock
 The Nason Clan (minus a few)
We had such a great time and Logan has been asking about going to "Granddaddy's other house" all week.  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to the Forest

While Granddaddy was hunting a few weeks ago he found a little friend for Logan, so he threw it in the back of his truck.  It took us a few days to get over to pick it up, but Logan was ready to hop right in the truck to check it out.  Surprisingly, the little turtle, who had created a comfy home in some leaves, was still alive and probably in shock!  
 We played with him a while and then boxed him up and had to bring him home to live on our back porch.
He roamed around on the back porch for two days and Logan eagerly visited him each evening and thought it was really funny when Turtle felt comfortable enough to run across the porch.  We went to check on him evening 3, and we search all over the porch, even under the grill, his new favorite spot, but we couldn't find him.  That's when I saw what any porch turtle keeper dreads....a loose porch pole in the side of the deck.  We had to assume that little turtle was just cruising along and pushed against the side of the deck and then took a diiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!  Opps!!!  As Logan is asking me for the 23rd time, "Mom, where's the turtle?"  I quickly replied that he must have missed his mommy and daddy so much that he needed to go back to the forest to see them. 
Thanks to the thousands of books we've read about animal babies and their moms and dads, he was okay with it.  He continued to ask about the turtle for a few days, but the gentle reminder of his family was enough to make it okay with Logan.  :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

He'll kill me for this one, too!

Last Monday we went and played at Granddaddy and Barbara's house and even spent the night!  I had to work the next day so Granddaddy and Logan were going to spend the day together.  We got to their house and immediately had to go outside to see the waterfall.  Logan had a big time throwing leaves in it (Sorry Granddaddy) and had to say hi to all of the animals outside. 
Then, we ate a delicious dinner and what else to follow a great meal....
A candle lit bubble bath, of course!!!  Barbara got Logan all set with the candles, mommy whipped out her phone an the little man just began to pose!   It was pretty cute! 

I know he will kill me for these one day, but we already have so many others, so what's a few more! 
Logan and Granddaddy had a big day and I am so thankful for the help!  We are so very very blessed to have such loving and helpful grandparents on both sides who support us and are willing to help us through anything.  I love that Logan will grow up knowing this love and building these special relationships with all of his grandparents and his great grandmother!
I love my family!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

There are Bigger Battles to Fight

We had the extra car seat in the garage the other day for my dad to use and Logan had spotted it during his complete, hypoglycemic after nap tantrum.  It the midst of him screaming and hyperventilating he was crying that he wanted to "sit in car seat".  Chris grabbed the seat, rigged it up to the dining room chair and BOOM!  just like magic the tears were gone.  Should we have given in?  Probably not, but aren't there bigger battles to fight than this?  Just another fun night at the Sevin's house! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

How handsome are my boys?  I'm one lucky lady! 

Logan is really loving Daddy time lately and wants to do all things boy!  He wants to help Daddy mow the grass, fix the car, use the power drill (minus the bit), and of course find bugs! 

We had lots of rain last week and Pop introduced Logan to worms.  YUCK!  I was actually surprised that Logan was so anxious to hold them and touch them.  I also found out that he and Daniel like to feed the fish the worms, once they squish them, of course!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Playing Around

I just uploaded the pictures from my iPhone and found some pictures of some fun! 

Checking out a caterpillar that was outside of Mimi's house (The caterpillar has since put himself in a cocoon!)  We are anxiously awaiting a butterfly)

So excited!

Cousin fun at the playground!

Logan's favorite game with his good friend Wyatt

Enjoying some yummy ice cream at Bruster's!  (Gotta love the free kids' cone)

Friday, May 10, 2013


After a long day of work and an exciting night at Granddaddy's (next post), Logan and I headed home to go to bed.  We pulled in the drive way and I was already dreaming of the hot bath I was about to take and then plopping down on the couch.  I opened Logan's door to get him out and BAM.....there it laid....face down on the concrete.  The iPad laid open on the ground with protective cover wide open and I couldn't help but just stand there.  I knew what was coming.  I pick it up and sure enough that whole screen had shattered.  SUPER SAD FACE  :(
I got Logan inside and behind stressing and worrying knowing that there was probably not insurance on the iPad.  I told myself to just let it go for the night and try to go to Apple tomorrow and b-e-g them for a new one.  I sat still for about 2.1 seconds and decided to check online to see what time I could make an appointment for the next day.  To my surprise, I saw an opening for 8:50 pm that night.  It was 7:50, so I kissed Logan and Chris goodbye knowing I wouldn't sleep if I didn't go, and threw myself and my shattered iPad in the car. 

I arrived at the Apple store and couldn't believe the crowd there at 8:00 on a Tuesday night.  I waited, and waited and waited until the girl finally came to help me at 8:55.  She looked my serial number up, again knowing that I didn't think I had the insurance and expecting to hear I was going to have to shell out $249 for a new one.  Then I heard some magic words, "Looks like you do have insurance.  $49 bucks and we'll get you out of here."  I threw my card to her and took a huge sigh of relief.  I would have loved it to be free, but at that point I was happy to pay $49 for my stupidity. 

So, 15 minutes later I was on my way back home with a new iPad in hand and a promise to go spend the money to get a better protective case. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

School Pictures

Look at my big boy!!!  He looks so happy and so grown up.  I can't believe he only has 2 weeks of 2 year old preschool left!  Where is the time going??

We are already looking forward to next year, too!  He's all set to go to the 3 year old preschool class 4 mornings a week.  Then when he's 4 he'll hopefully be coming to school with me for Pre-k! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tellus Museum

We had an open Saturday morning and decided to take advantage of Bank of America Free Museum days.  (If you have a BOA card, you can get into select museums FREE the first weekend of each month!)

I have taken my 3rd grade students to Tellus Museum a few times for the Fossil exhibit and I have to say, I have been so impressed every single time.  There is so much for to the museum, but I've never had a chance to explore.  After yesterday's visit, I am loving Tellus even more!  I was worried that Logan might be too young to enjoy it, but it was very hands on and had a whole section just for kids. 

Before we went, I told Logan we were going to see dinosaur bones.  He started crying and saying, "No dinosaur bones.  That scares me".  He acted very unsure on our 45 minute car ride, but once we were inside he was loving it and we had to literally pull him away from each exhibit. 

There is a planetarium that plays a Sesame Street show, but we didn't have time to see it this time.  We are planning to go back soon and I would love to see it!

Here are a few of our pictures!

Minerals that glow in black light!

Gold found right down the street from our house in Sixes Creek!

playing with magnets

Panning for minerals



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Logan Says His Sight Words

Check out my little man reading his sight words!  We are up to about 27 words!