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Thursday, December 31, 2009

35 Weeks!

Yesterday was my 35/35. That means I was 35 weeks pregnant, and I only had 35 days of my pregnancy left (hopefully less!)

How far along am I? 35 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain? 34 pounds, I think I've come to terms with the weight. :(

Sleep? Sleep has not been great for the last few days. I think I wake up worrying about things and then I can't go back to sleep. Hopefully, it will get better.

How am I feeling? I am still feeling good, just getting a little anxious. I don't like not having a plan or knowing what is is store. I hope to get some more answers on Monday. I have started cramping alot, but I have been reading that this is normal.

Best moment this week? I think hearing that Logan will be coming early was the best moment this week. I can't wait to see him and finally be able to hold him.

Movement? He is still punching and kicking me. He loves to stick his butt out right by my ribs. He had the hickups this morning!

Belly Button? Still in

Labor signs? cramping and lower back pain

Food cravings? desserts and sweets

What am I looking forward to? Celebrating Mackenzie's first birthday tonight and bringing in the new year. 2010 is going to be an awesome year for our family.

Milestones? From now on baby's growth will be mostly in the plumping up department-though he won't get much longer, he will continue putting on weight.

Monday, December 28, 2009

All of you who voted on time or late are WRONG!!!

We went in today for my 35 week appointment, and Dr. Hirsch said I am in the beginnings of high blood pressure. He told me I am not going back to work, and I am to put my feet up 2 hours in the morning, afternoon and evening. Most of you know...this is going to be so hard for me. I know I have to do it for Logan's and my health, but it is so hard for me to sit still. We go back next Monday for another check and an ultrasound to find out how big he is. Dr. Hirsch said he will not make it to the due date, and to expect him earlier. I was a little upset at the doctor's office, I think because I am such a planner, and this is not exactly what I had planned. I guess this is God's way of teaching me that I need to let my planning go a little. The great news is, Logan will be here sooner. I can't wait to see him and hold him.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Really, 5 more weeks? I look huge!

What a change!

14 weeks.......vs.........34 weeks!
Yes, that's the same shirt, it must be really stretchy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What do you think? Do you think he looks like Daddy?

34 Weeks!

I can't believe Logan will be here in less than 42 days! (Yes, I know it could be longer, but we aren't even thinking that way, so don't you either! We are actually hoping a week or two sooner)

How far along am I? 34 weeks

Total weight gain? Why are you trying to read this? Remember, I said I am no longer answering this question :)

Sleep? Sleeping in has been wonderful! I am trying to enjoy it now, since I know my days are limited. Yesterday I drank a Starbucks, hoping it would get Logan moving at the ultrasound, which it did not, but it had me up all night long. I was wired, and could not sleep. No more caffeine for me.

How am I feeling? I am feeling pretty ready and extremely excited about Christmas. This Christmas has me feeling pretty emotional, but in a good way. I can't wait to spend the day with my family and I know that next year will be even more special. Chris and I have been working like crazy to get everything ready. Our checklists are getting smaller, but we still have a few things left to do.

Best moment this week? Seeing our little peanut yesterday. We took out a picture of Chris from when he was 10 days old and he looks identical to Logan's ultrasound picture. I think Logan is going to be a little mini-Chris, which is fine with me, I think he's awfully handsome! :) Another great thing this week was installing the car seat. I love looking back in the car and seeing his seat there. Now we just need him in it. One more great thing this week was going today to get the carpet for the basement. Granddaddy Nason bought the carpet for us, and we are having it installed on January 2nd. Daddy is working so hard on the basement, and he is almost finished. He is just finishing up a few things on the bar, and framing the windows. He has done such a great job. We are so thankful he is so handy!

Movement? He sleeps all day, and then look out! Right around 8:00, he starts going crazy. I am going to try to catch some of it on video. It is so crazy to think that he is in there just wiggling around. If you didn't see below, he is head down now. Hopefully he will stay that way and start doing what he needs to do to make his grand entrance. We go to the doctor Monday, and they will do my first internal check, so we will know if he is making real progress!

Belly Button? Still in

Labor signs? I have had some pressure down low, so we'll see what the doctor says on Monday

Food cravings? Yogurt and cereal.

What I am looking forward to? Spending time with my family this week, Mackenzie's first birthday next week (12/31), finishing my checklist, and getting the basement finished!

Milestones? Baby can recognize and react to simple songs - time to start practicing the lullabies. Less cute news...he now urinates about a pint a day! Get the diapers ready!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great News at the Ultrasound!

Not only did we finally get a few pretty good pictures, but we also found out he is head down! He is getting into position. I know it could still be 6 weeks, but at least we know that he is getting ready. Here are few of the pictures from tonight's ultrasound. I think he looks a lot like Daddy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

33 Weeks!

He's a honeydew!

How far along am I? 33 weeks

Total weight gain? I respectfully decline to answer this question anymore :) We'll just say mom and baby are growing fine!

Sleep? Still pretty good, except last night I got a major Charlie Horse and had to jump out of bed and run around the room.

How am I feeling? I think I am getting a cold or maybe just sinus stuff. I am a pretty tired, but fighting through it to get everything done. My ankles and feet are swelling a little, so I am trying to drink more water and get off my feet, which doesn't happen often. :)

Best moment this week? The girls from PAMPA, the doctor's office where I used to work, threw a shower for me on Sunday. It was really nice and it was good to see everyone. Mimi got Logan his stroller, so now we have all of our big things, and I think we are set on everything for now. I'm sure there's more that we will need, but I think we have what we need to bring him home. Also, it was Chris's birthday on Tuesday and we had a really nice dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. His parents and I got him a new flat screen for the bedroom. I am hoping to be able to enjoy it over Winter Break.

Movement? He is moving like crazy, during the day and at night. I think he is trying to say, "Hey! I'm running out of room in here!" I love feeling him kick and wiggle!

Belly Button? Still in :)

Labor signs? I think I have had a few Braxton Hicks, but still not quite sure.

Food Cravings? Nothing I can't live without, maybe cereal and milk?

What am I looking forward to? Seeing Baby Logan again next Tuesday at the 4th 4D ultrasound. This little guy better give me a good shot. We are running out of time! Of course, I am also looking forward to my 2 weeks off! I have plans to get a lot done, but at least I can sleep in a little and stay in comfy clothes.

Milestones? He may grow up to an inch this week! His brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he will be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open while he's awake.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

32 Weeks!

It's our last week as a squash!
How far along are you? 32 weeks
Total weight gain? We go to the doctor next Tuesday, maybe 25 or 26 pounds?
Sleep? I am very sleepy all the time. I am sleeping pretty well, but waking up several times and having some crazy dreams.
How am I feeling? Besides the constant heartburn, and being tired, I am feeling pretty well. Hope I continue to feel this good.
Best moment this week? I had my shower at school today and Logan got so many cute things. He got several outfits, blankets, a sound machine, baby gate for the stairs, and several other cute things. I have a great group of co-workers. It was also great to see him on the ultrasound again, although we still didn't get the best pictures. That's okay though, because now we get to see him again in two weeks!
Movement? around 8:45 every night, he decides to have a party in my belly. The other night, I told Chris to put his hand on my belly, and he couldn't believe how much Logan was moving. He said that was the most he had ever felt him move.
Belly Button? Still in :)
Labor signs? Nothing yet, let's hope it stays that way for a while
Food Cravings? I have been craving avocado...Yummy!!!
What am I looking forward to? My last baby shower on Sunday. The girls from PAMPA, the doctor's office where I worked in high school and college, are throwing me a shower. I am so excited to see all the girls again. I am also looking forward to Christmas break coming up in 8 school days, but who's counting? I can't wait to sleep in, get some freezer meals ready, install the car seat and get everything finished up for Logan's arrival.
Milestones? Baby will likely double his weight in the next 8 weeks. He should be settling into a head down position to get ready to enter this world.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maybe 4th Time's the Charm?

We went for our 3rd 4D ultrasound yesterday, and Baby Logan still hasn't moved. He still has his legs up over his head and there was still some cord up by his face. I do feel very lucky that the lady is letting us come back to keep trying. You can see his nose and mouth pretty well, and I have to say he is pretty darn cute already!

We are going back on December 22nd to try again!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 Weeks!

Thought I would show you what I see when I am sitting and look down. Hello Tummy!

How far along am I? 31 weeks
Total weight gain? ? 24 pounds?
Sleep? Sleep is so wonderful, I should be doing it right now. I think I have the best bed and sheets ever.
How am I feeling? I am still feeling wonderful! The backache is back when I am sitting, but other than that, I feel great.
Best moment this week? Saturday we took a childbirth preparation class, that was really informative. Chris was really into it, and I think we are both glad we took it. We learned some great ways of dealing with labor (before the epidural). We also got to tour the hospital on Sunday. It made it even more real to us. This coming Saturday we get to go try to do the 4D ultrasound (for the third time). Hopefully he will cooperate this time!
Movement? He is a wiggle worm! He has been sticking his head or butt way up in my chest, and then a few minutes later he has feet or hands tickling me way down low. It is such a wonderful feeling!
Belly button? It's still in, but very flat. I thought for sure it would be an outie by now, but it's still in.
Food cravings? I saw a commercial for Snickers the other day, so I bought a bag of the fun size Snickers. I have only had two so far, so I think I am controlling the craving!
What am I looking forward to? My shower at school next week, and the 4D ultrasound on Saturday. I can't wait to see his cute little face again.
Milestones? Baby is gaining about 1/2 pound per week. Baby's lungs are the only thing not fully mature, they need a few more weeks to "bake".
Here's another picture I did today just playing around, but I think it's cute: