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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Favorite Things Part II

If you have been keeping up with us for a while, then you probably remember I did a Favorite Things part I when Logan was 5 weeks old.  If you missed it, click here.
I had all intentions of doing this a while ago, but to be honest, I kind of forgot about it.  Here we are almost a year later and of course, we have a new list of our favorite things. 

Logan loves turkey dogs for lunch or dinner!

This boy loves watermelon.   He eats it at breakfast, lunch and dinner!
mini pancakes are a staple in our house.  After his fruit and Cheerios in the morning, Logan loves a few mini pancakes with a little cinnamon on top!
These are the one and only sippy cups that Logan will drink from.  He never really learned how to turn a regular sippy cup up or a bottle for that matter.  He went straight to the straw sippy, which is great, except for the 20 other sippy cups now sitting in my cabinet collecting dust!
I love that this is Logan's favorite book.  We read it EVERY single night before bed, along with a few other books.  I always end with this one and he loves to help turn the pages.  According to my mom, this was one of my favorite books as well. 
Meet Sleepy Scout.  If your little one doesn't know Scout, they must meet.  My cousin Melanie gave Logan the big Scout for his birthday, and Logan loved it so much, when I saw this little guy, I knew we had to have him.  We play his night night music when Logan goes to sleep and Logan loves to snuggle with him in the crib. 
This is another one of Logan's favorite books.  It's a touch and feel, so he loves to rub the different furs in the book.  I can ask him where is the dog, and he will turn to the page and pat the dog's picture!
This is a lifesaver when we are in a bind.  It's an app on my i-phone called, Look Baby, that has a few different pictures with sounds that change when the baby touches them.  Although it may be a little girly, the butterfly is Logan's favorite. 
Logan loves to be outside, whether it's in his new bike, his wagon, or on his swing.  We try to go for some type of ride every evening, granted that the weather is cooperating!
The Tiny Diner mat is another one of my favorites.  It makes me breath a little easier when we go out to eat, so I know he is not eating his food right off the nasty table.  There is a little barrier between all the germs.  It's awesome, because you just come home and throw it in the dishwasher!
Of course, we can't forget Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Logan loves to watch Mickey.  There is not too much he will actually pay attention to on TV (which I'm sure is a good thing), but when Mickey comes on he stops what he is doing to stare at his best friend for a few minutes. 

There are so many other things I could add to this list, but I'd be on here for days.  What are some of your little one's favorite things?  I'd love to know!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Piggies!

Logan's little piggies are so darn cute.  They are the fattest little feet I've ever seen.  I love to kiss his feet, and take little nibbles while he giggles.  
I may just be a crazy paranoid mother, but I recently decided to speak to his doctor about some observations we have made about his toes and feet.  Since Logan began standing he has tended to stand up on his tippy toes.  I thought it was probably just a phase, but it's been going on for a few months.  We've also noticed that he keeps his toes curled under when he stands. 
He is a super cruiser and will walk while holding onto someone's hand, the wall or a piece of furniture.  Although, as soon as he realizes he is standing alone, he drops to the floor and crawls.  The thing that worries me the most is that he does all of that with his shoes on, but once the shoes come off he is either on his tippy toes or avoiding standing altogether.  The doctor recommended that we have a physical therapy evaluation to be sure there is nothing muscular going on.  My thought is, if there is something that she finds, I would much rather address it and work on it now, rather than wait a few months and have the issue get worse.  We decided to book the appointment with the therapist our doctor recommended, and of course her soonest appointment was four weeks out.  So, we finally will be going for the evaluation in about a week.  I'm really anxious to hear what she has to say and of course, hoping that she is going to tell us that everything is fine.  Please say a prayer for Logan's little piggies!
Look at those cute little feet!  He always sits with his feet crossed.  :)
Tip toes!

toes curled

My handsome man!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bubble Boy!

Looks like we're breaking that bubble back out and zipping Logan back into it for a little longer. 
Logan starting a runny nose on Monday, which we were hoping was simply a little cold and would quickly go away.  He seemed to be about the same last night when I put him to bed, but was awoken by a horrible sound around 11:45.  Logan was crying and by the time I got to his room he was gasping for air.  I scooped him up and tried to calm him, but he was in hysterics and it seemed to me that he couldn't get enough air in as he was breathing.  It was probably one of the scariest times we experienced.  I quickly had Chris get Logan's nebulizer out and we tried to do a breathing treatment on him to see if that would help.  In a panic, I called Mimi, and she told me to go into the bathroom and run a really hot shower.  After about 20 minutes, I finally got Logan calm enough to relax and the shower seemed to help him be able to take deeper breaths and cough.  I could hear Logan wheezing, and his cough was very barky.  I knew we were in for a trip to the doctor in the morning.  I brought Logan to bed with me, but there wasn't much sleeping for either of us after that.  The poor baby could hardly breath from all drainage and the tightness in his chest.  We made our way back to the steamy shower about 5 more times and spend several hours rocking in his room.  Needless to say, I was pretty tired this morning.  Although it killed me to leave him, I decided to go into work, since I knew Chris would be home with him.  Of course, today of all 190 days at school, I got my ONE annual observation.  Luckily, I think everything went well, despite going on just a few hours of sleep.

The doctor said that Logan had croup, and was still wheezing so to continue the breathing treatments 3 times a day.  (Have you ever tried giving a 1 year old a breathing treatment....it's not very easy)  She gave Logan an oral steroid and said it may be a few days before he's back to normal.  Logan also received the official title of having childhood asthma today.  The clinical diagnosis is having three or more episodes in one year.  Not the best title to win, but I know there could be worse. 
Logan is sleeping in his crib as we speak, and has already had a few coughing spells.  Here's to hoping he starts feeling better and Mommy gets a good night sleep!
Little Dennis the Menace!  Even when he's sick, he's still so happy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Beavers Here!

Yes, our son has turned beaver...No, we have not found any splinters in his mouth...yet.  I decided instead of continuing to allow Logan to make his beautiful crib into a chew toy, I should come up with some way of protecting this bed.  We bought this convertible crib in hopes that it would grow with Logan into the toddler bed and eventually into the full bed.   I was afraid if I didn't do something, all he'd be left with is a tooth pick by the time he got to high school!
I found some cute green and blue fleece fabric and hurried to come up with something before our next beaver attack! 
I think it turned out pretty cute, plus it was pretty inexpensive!  Here's to hoping beavers don't like fleece!

Valentine's Day

We kept Valentine's Day low key because, of course, I had work to get done, and Logan was super tired from not really napping much.  We decided to grab a quick dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant by our house.  I had a great dinner with my two loves!  Logan made out pretty well from his Valentines. 

Mommy found Logan's favorite book, Goodnight Moon, in a recordable version!  So now, he can listen to Mommy read the book when I'm not there to read it.  Daddy found an awesome set of screw drivers to add to Logan's set of tools that we are gathering for him.  Click here to read about his first tool from daddy (at the bottom on post).

We hope you had a happy Valentine's Day, too!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just another day in the park...

We are loving this 60+ degree weather we have had the last few days.  Mackenzie and Josh came over all weekend and we hit the park Saturday afternoon.  It was so nice, we headed back Sunday for family time with Mimi, Pops, Hope, Brian and Daniel.  Looks like we are going to be frequenting the park a lot this spring.  Here are some more pictures from our weekend:

Driving already?
Valentine's 2011
We are always attached...literally :)
My handsome boys!
swinging with Mommy
Love it!
Chris being silly!
Daddy caught me...more Mommy kisses!
bye-bye park!  See you next weekend!

Busy Mommy - Busy Bee

I sort of feel like I've been in a blender lately.  I rush to get up, get ready, and get to work.  I rush all day at work, most days shove a handful of pretzels in my mouth while working though "lunch", and then rush out of the building as the buses are leaving in hopes to get home to spend some time with Logan.  Once I'm home, I do the normal mommy things, clean up from the day, start laundry, tidy the house, all while trying to spend some quality time with Logan.  Once he goes down at 7:30, I chow down dinner and get started on everything I didn't get finished at school that day, which usually ends around 9:30, when I'm having to pry my eyes open with toothpicks!  Needless to say, I am counting the days until Summer, when I can truly relax and not have to worry if I have everything copied for the next day or whether I remembered to bring macaroni noodles for the language arts lesson. 

Amongst all this craziness, I had a HUGE surprise last week.  I was nominated into the top 5 finalist for Teacher of the Year.  I was up against four other fabulous teachers, and after an observation and interview figured I was so lucky just to have made it that far.  The announcement for the winner was going to be made at our staff meeting last Friday afternoon.  All five finalist were asked to sit up front while they made the ammouncement.  To my complete surprise....I WON!!  I couldn't believe it.  I remember standing up to get my flowers from my principal, and then I remember her pointing across the room and telling me to look.  When I looked up, I saw my ENTIRE family walking in.  Chris, Logan, my brother, my Dad, my Mom, my mother and father in law, and my grandmother.  Somehow, they had been contacted by my assistant principal and had kept the secret for over 24 hours!  I was truly shocked and it was an absolutely fabulous afternoon! 
These are not great pictures, but here's a few that my brother took:

The boys waiting and playing dominoes in the parent resource room

I don't know who was happier, Logan to see me, or me to have Logan!
Mrs. Rhodes ( my fabulous assistant principal)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011