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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Logan woke us up bright and early this morning at 6:15 to see what the Easter Bunny brought him.  (Okay not really, but we took him to see what the bunny left him).  He was pretty excited!

Clearly, still a little sleepy!

We went to church at 10:00, and had to wake Logan from his nap in the car (which was only about 20 minutes.  Today was a big day at church because Logan had his first (mini) experience with the church nursery.  The traditional church was full, so we ended up in another part of the church where they were streaming the service over big screens.  Luckily, it was right next to the nurseries.  Logan was getting very restless (did I mention, he was tired?)  I found the 16-20 month nursery and reluctantly signed him in.  The helper quickly took him and I ducked out of the way with the pager clutched tightly in my hand.  I went back to the service, but couldn't focus because I couldn't stop thinking about him.  **THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME HE WAS WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN MY FAMILY!  I know....I know....you are probably screaming at your computer, "Are you serious?"  Oh well, again...judge me if you must...  :)

After church, we went to lunch with with Mimi, Pops, and Logan's G.G., my Nana.  It was delicious and Logan was really funny!  We tried to take a few pictures after we ate, but as you can see my little helper changed a setting on my camera without me knowing.  I finally got it fixed when I took the last pictures of Logan. 

We finally were able to dye our Easter eggs.  Nothing fancy, but we like them!  Thanks for such a fun day Mimi, Pops, and G.G.!

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Look at my boo-boo last year! He has grown so much!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Play, Cut, Hunt!

We had an awesome Saturday today! It started with a fun class at Gymboree. There were 4 other little boys who were also 15 months old. To say Logan loved the parachute is an understatement. He ran under and screeched when it went up and down. He has also added a new word to his vocabulary this week...Ball. There are hundreds of balls at Gymboree, so he was in ball heaven. All of the other mommies were so nice and Logan loved watching the other kids.
After our class, we headed to get his hair cut. We had such a great experience at Crewcuts and Pigtails, I decided to go back there. It ended up an old classmate from high school cut his hair. She did a great job. I explained that I didn't want all of his curls cut off, but we definitely needed the wings and mullet gone. Mission accomplished!
Next, we went to Aunt Megan and Uncle Josh's house for their big neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Logan wasn't too sure about the bunny, but did give him a high-5. Mimi found Logan this outfit a few months ago, and I thought it was so cute! In fact, I love it so much, you might see a repeat performance for church tomorrow morning! :)

Not too sure about the big bunny

Trying to get the egg

Logan and Mackenzie after the big hunt

Giving the bunny 5

Goldfish are better than eggs and chocolate!

So cute!

Laughing at Mommy

Mr. Handsome!

Trying to sneak a piece of chocolate!

We bought everything to dye Easter Eggs tonight, but we were both so tired, we only got as far as boiling the eggs. Guess we'll be coloring eggs in the morning. We can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings Logan! Stay tuned! :)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15 Months!

Saturday morning, I went to make coffee and I came back upstairs to my sleepy heads in bed!  I think this picture sums up Logan perfectly...Laid Back!  As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to try to get a picture of this.  Legs wide open, tummy hanging out, remote close by and milk within arms reach.  He's just adorable!

We had his 15 month check up yesterday and I'm happy to report that everything is perfect!  I, of course, went in with my list of worries and concerns and was reassured that he was right on track and developing perfectly.

He was 25 lbs. 12 oz, and 31 inches long.  He is about 50% for height and 65% for weight.  He still has a big old noggin at 95%, but at least it is on the charts now.  Apparently, it was off the charts at 12 months!  We joked that it is just all that brain in his head. 

One of my concerns was his speech.   Logan clearly says Mama, Dada, and ta (what ever that is).  Dr. W reassured us that this was okay.  She said at 18 months, they will ask the same question to see if he is saying 5-10 words.  She explained that it is more important that he is understanding what we are saying.  He can follow one and even two step commands, so we are doing fine.  We discussed that he clearly understands what we say, since he has the ability to shake his head "no" when he answers something we ask him.

We also discussed his eating habits, milk drinking and nursing.  We've noticed that Logan's eating has slowed down the last week or so, and Dr. W told us that it is pretty common at this age to become a little uninterested in food.  She said as long as he is still drinking milk and eating at least one good meal a day we are good.  He is definitely doing this, so we aren't going to worry.  I told Dr. W that we are still nursing two times a day, but I knew that weaning would have to been in our near future.  One thing I really like about her is that she has two young boys, and nursed both of them, so I feel like she can relate to me.  She reminded me that although he is probably not getting much milk from our sessions at this time, the emotional benefits are still there.  She encouraged me to nurse for as long as we want.  She said when we are ready to stop, then we should stop. 
I have really been struggling with this.  I know there is a point when society says that a baby toddler should stop nursing.  Before I had Logan, I knew I was going to nurse him and I figured I would do it until he was one.  After experiencing the bond it brought us, I knew I wouldn't be able to just stop on day 366 of his life just because he hit the magical number of 1.  I also know that at some point, I have to stop.  I mean, I can't go to college with him, right!?  I guess deep down, I know that nursing is "our special time".  It's something that Logan and I have shared for so long.  We've spent hours together in the middle of the night, we've hidden in the back of my car so passers-by couldn't see us, we've avoided melt downs together when we just needed a break.  I know that there are so many other ways that we will be able to have "our special time", I just can't seem to give it up quite yet.  So, judge if you must, but I'm going to savor these last few days, weeks, (maybe months) of nursing, because I know soon enough he will be wanting to be Mr. Independent won't have time to snuggle with Mommy. 

I couldn't be more proud of my son, or my family.  I am so in love with my life and can't imagine my life without my boys! 

P.S.  Do you think he needs a haircut?   I know, I know...we are going this weekend

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Officially a Cajun!

Not only does Logan have Cajun blood running through him, but he now has officially been initiated into the Cajun world.  We had a wonderful trip with Mimi and Pop over Spring Break to the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.
We all had a blast and got to spend time with a fun group of family friends.  We spent most of our time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, listening to great music and eating delicious food.  We were busy the entire time trying to squeeze into as much fun as we could.  I'll tell our story with pictures. 

Logan got to go on his very first plane ride, and I must admit I was a little nervous about it.  I filled his little back pack with all sorts of toys and goodies to keep his busy, but....I never even as much as unzipped the bag.   My little prince slept from the moment we sat down on the plane to the very moment people were getting off the plane in N.O.   He is such a perfect angel! 

Staying busy at the Atlanta airport.  Taking everything out of the bags.

Hanging out on the balcony of the hotel
Logan was ready to go with beads in hand! 
My boys in The Big Easy!
Mommy and her love!
Trying to steal some kisses!
Our first meal was at Daddy's FAVORITE restaurant...Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter!  Chris couldn't wait to bring Logan here, and I'm sure it will be a stop each trip!  This little man got a few bites of some new things while we were gone, including shrimp, fish, crab, crawfish bread, and although I think it's yucky, I guess he got his Daddy's taste buds!
The next day we headed to Cafe' Du Monde for yummy beignets before being our exciting day!
The whole gang!
Logan and Daddy watching the men make the beignets
Mimi almost lost a finger!
Exploring the back streets with Daddy
Little boy in a BIG city!
We went on a street car ride, and once again, just like the plane, he feel right asleep.  I guess it must be something about the loud noises that just lulls him to sleep. 

He was WIDE awake on the way home and had fun looking outside with the windows down.
Then, it was back to the streets for more partying!
We had to make a stop at the "to go" daiquiri bar!
Logan loved all the fountains around the city and really wanted to jump in.

Next, it was time for a real second line parade on Bourbon Street.  I guess Logan was anticipating the excitement, because he knew he need a quick cat nap before it started.

3 Sevins getting ready to watch Logan's first parade on Bourbon Street!

He woke up just in time for the parade, but he wasn't quite sure what was going on.
Still not sure why all of these crazy people are dancing and throwing things at us.

We spent a little more time in the hotel than on previous trips (before we had the bundle!), so we had lots of fun while we were there.
Logan decided to skip his little Winnie the Pooh toothbrush and liked Daddy's much better!
Have you ever walked out of the bathroom and had a piece of toilet paper stuck to your foot? :)
I'm pretty sure to say Logan was starving this day, would be quite an understatement!
There was an amazing indoor heated pool, that felt like a bathtub.  Logan was quite the little fish!  I can't wait to get him back into the pool next month!

We spent a lot of our time, outside in the beautiful weather listening to a variety of bands play.  Despite the very loud music, Logan still managed to squeeze in his two hour naps!
Getting in his daily "Pops Time"
Running around Jackson Square
We decided to have beignets on our last day and Logan loved them again!

We had such a great time and we're really sad to leave, especially because that meant it was back to work the next day.  Logan was a dream on the plane ride home again.  He feel asleep during take off and slept the entire way home, literally all the way home when Granddaddy picked us up.
I took this on the way to the airport.  Do you think he was trying to tell me something? :)