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Saturday, January 30, 2010

We've been busy!

We had our first big outing on Wednesday to my doctor, a newborn photo shot at Clix Portrait Studio, and a weight check for Logan at PAMPA with Dr. Worly. I got the ok to start running errands, and he said in two weeks, I would be restriction free! He said I am healing perfectly!

Logan's newborn pictures are adorable (who am I kidding, I think every picture of him is adorable). We haven't really gotten on to a schedule with feeding yet, so of course as soon as we got there he was ready to eat. He did pretty well with the pictures, but did not like being naked and messed with so much. Overall, I think they did a great job. Here are a few of the pictures:

Logan was 7 pounds 4 oz when we weighed him Tuesday. Dr. Worly said he was right on track, and the breastfeeding must be going well. We also measured him again, and he was 20 inches, the nurses probably measured wrong at the hospital, since there is no way he grew an inch in a week and a half.

Thursday Logan and Daniel (Daniel is Hope and Brian's baby, so Logan's cousin) got together for the first time. We laid them in Mimi's crib and took several pictures of them. It's funny to think they will be growing up together and this is the first picture of thousands we will have of them. It's also amazing to see how quickly they change. Daniel was smaller than Logan at birth and he looks so big compared to him. He is 4 months older than Logan.

Logan's cord is pretty much gone, so we are hoping to give Logan his first real bath in the next few days. I can't wait to see how he does with it. I have a feeling he is going to love it. I will post pictures soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

One week already?

I planned on doing more blog entries by this point, but I can't put Logan down long enough to get on here! I swear I could hold him all day long and never get tired of holding him in my arms and kissing his sweet face. The only thing I like better is watching Chris hold and kiss him. I thought I knew how much I loved Chris, but seeing him with our child brings my love for him to a whole new level.

We have had a great week at home. We mostly have been resting, snuggling, and sleeping. He is the most wonderful baby. He sleeps a lot right now, and I actually have to wake him up for most feedings. We are breastfeeding and he is doing awesome with it. I have read so many things that say breastfeeding is difficult and can be frustrating, so I was a little nervous about having trouble breastfeeding. We really haven't had any trouble at all. We have to make sure he is awake before we start, because he tends to fall asleep if he's tired.
He has had two sponge baths since he's been home, one of which he got his hair washed. He loved the water on his head and the mini head massage Mommy gave him. I can't wait for his cord to come off, so we can give him a bath in his big boy tub.

He is doing a great job of sleeping in his bassinet. I feed him right before bed, and he sleeps for about 3 hours, and then I feed him again, and he goes back into his bassinet. He has been eating around 5 or 6 am and then I have been letting him lay in bed with me. I love having him in bed with me, but I don't want to get him to where he won't sleep by himself.

I wanted to try out our new camera, so I had a little photo session with him the other day. I think the pictures came out really cute! Here are a few:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Logan Patrick Sevin's Birth Story

Logan Patrick Sevin
January 14, 2010
8:51 AM
7lbs. 4 oz.
19 inches
Chris and I could hardly sleep Wednesday night. We were both full of every emotion you could imagine. I laid in bed from 2:00am - 4:30 am just thinking about the events that were about to unfold. Chris said he was up from the time we went to bed until about 2:00am, then finally fell asleep until the three alarms we had set went off at 4:30. We both got up and got dressed, and gather the last of the things we needed around the house. I double, then triple checked the "Don't Forget" list that was attached to the door. We arrived at Northside about 6:30 am and Katie, one of my best friends from middle school who is a labor and delivery nurse, greeted us at the sign in desk. We got checked in and waited in the waiting area until the pre-op nurse came to get us. My Dad showed up just a few minutes later and my water works (as well as his) began. It was such an emotional time! The pre-op nurse came to get us and we walked back to the pre-op room. I got changed into the hospital gown and hooked up on the monitors. Chris was busily taking pictures of EVERYTHING! It was about 7:15 when everyone began showing up in the pre-op room to wish us luck. I think this is everyone, but forgive me if I forget: my mom, Steve, Susan, Ronnie, my dad, my brother, my cousin Melanie, and her husband Scott.
They told me they were going to do my epidural at 8:00 and surgery would be at 8:30. Those were the longest minutes of my life. The anticipation was so emotional for me, I literally could not stop crying. Once I got the epidural, I was shaking like crazy. Add the non stop tears, and I'm sure I probably looked like a mess. Chris was my rock. He was so supportive and kept reassuring me that everything was going to be fine, and we were about to meet our little boy. It was so great having Katie there with me too. She was able to explain everything to me, and keep my mind off the surgery. Right at 8:30, I was wheeled back to the operating room, and Chris, in his little scrubs, had to wait outside for a few minutes while they got me set up. I remember laying on the table, arms to my side shaking like crazy, and of course, still crying. Then Chris came in and sat down right by my head, behind the screen. We talked to each other while they began the c-section. I remember feeling lots of pressure, and pulling. The next thing I knew, I felt my stomach "deflate" (for the lack of a better word). It was the craziest feeling, it literally felt like my stomach had been emptied. Amongst the most precious sound in the world, Logan's firsts cries, the Doctors yelled out, " It's a Boy!", " Here's Baby Logan", and "Dad, stand up and take a picture." Chris, a little caught off guard and a little in shock, stood up and blindly pointed the camera over the curtain towards the baby. He captured the most amazing picture I think I have ever seen. (The picture at the top of this post). The doctor's then walked the baby around so I could see him, and handed him off to the nurses to assess and clean up. It all happened so quickly, but I remember seeing him covered in the white vernix, flinging his arms and legs around, as if to say, " Put me back in!" Chris went over to where they nurses took him to take a few pictures, and Katie stayed with me. A few minutes later they let Chris bring Logan over to see me. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. He was all bundled up so I couldn't see all of him, but his face was so beautiful and boy did he have some hair. Katie took a few pictures of the three of us, and then I heard some news that crushed me. The nurse came over and told me that they were having to take Logan to the transition nursery right away due to his breathing. Now, we had been warned that this would be a possibility due to the fact that he was a c-section and that he was 37 weeks. However, no matter how many times you hear it, actually seeing them take your baby away and not knowing how he was doing was devastating. So, with a few second visit and one quick sweet kiss, they took him away to the transition nursery. Chris was able to go tell our family that Logan had arrived, and the news that they had taken him to the transition nursery. The doctors finished with me, and then I was wheeled into the recovery room. This is a large room with little curtains as dividers between each patient bed. There were four or five other moms in the room when I was wheeled in. As I laid in the bed, thinking about everything that had just happened and wishing my baby was in my arms or laying on my chest, I became even more emotional (if that was possible). I was able to look around the room and see all the other mommies with their babies right there with them, but I was there without my baby and I had no information on him. A few minutes later Chris came down to me in recovery and let me know he had been with Logan and had some news. He said Logan was grunting and breathing too quickly when he came out, so they were giving him oxygen to try to help him. He then showed me a picture of Logan, the card that goes in his bassinet with all of his information and his foot prints. I just kept staring at the picture, in disbelief that this beautiful baby was actually mine. I asked Chris how long they were going to keep him, and Chris explained that they weren't sure yet, but it would be at least 2 hours, and if it was greater than 6, he would have to be admitted. Just thinking about being away from my new baby for two hours killed me, and yes, of course I was still crying uncontrollably. I told Chris to go stay with Logan, because he needed his Daddy, and Katie offered to stay with me in recovery. Did I mention how lucky I am to have a friend like Katie?

A few hours later, I was wheeled into my regular room, but still without my baby. My family was able to come and visit me at this point, but it wasn't the same without Logan with me. We got several updates about Logan while we were waiting. They had to put an oxygen helmet on this head to provide additional oxygen to him, a feeding tube was placed down this throat to provide some formula because his blood sugar was low, and a chest x-ray was done. Dr. Royal, one of the pediatricians at PAMPA, was on call, so she was our communication source. Around 4:30 she called to say she thought the first chest x-ray showed a collapsed lung, so she ordered a second with a different view. She called back about an hour later to tell us that the x-ray came back completely normal, and that she had just gotten off the phone with the nurse from the transition nursery and Logan was doing much better and was completely off the oxygen. You have no idea the relief I felt, knowing that my baby was okay and would soon be coming to me. Around 5:30 the nurse called to let me know she was giving him a bath, and he should be to the room around 6:00. I was so tired my eyes were crossing, but I couldn't sleep and didn't want to for fear I might miss him coming in the room. Chris and I had asked everyone to leave the room when he arrived, so that we could enjoy some family time, getting to know our baby. After 9 1/2 hours of having my baby and then not seeing him, he came rolling through the door right around 6:00 pm. As soon as I heard the wheels of the cart, I lost it. The nurse wheeled him right next to me, and scooped him right up and handed him to me. I remember looking at Chris, who at this point was in tears, and thinking, "Finally, we are all together. It's going to be okay." We spend about thirty minutes just the three of us, holding each other, kissing each other, and just staring at this beautiful miracle we made together.

That was the beginning of our life story and it gets better every single day. It has only been three days, and I can't imagine life before him. He is the most wonderful and beautiful baby, and Chris and I are truly blessed that God chose us to be Logan's parents.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 hours from now...

...our baby will be here in our arms and forever in our hearts!
...we will be surrounded by friends and family celebrating a new life.
...I will no longer be just a wife and a daughter, I will be a mother!
...our life will be changed forever and we will embark on the greatest journey of our lives.
...we will probably be regretting that we didn't sleep more while we could, but will be awake with our new baby and enjoying every second of it!
...I will be missing the little kicks and punches inside my tummy, but enjoying the smell and feel of my newborn son.
...we will be counting fingers and toes and awing the work of God to create such a precious miracle!

37 Weeks!

How far along am I? 37 weeks! He's full term!
Total weight gain? I lost a pound from last week, so 35 pounds
Sleep? I have been too excited to sleep. I have been falling asleep around 12:00 and getting up around 5:00. I know I should be getting as much as I can now, but I just lay here thinking about Logan and dreaming about our new life!
How am I feeling? I still feel great. I am in good spirits, and I am getting a little nervous about Thursday, but knowing that I will be holding him in my arms in less than 24 hours calms me back down.
Best moment this week? My friend Megan came over and took some maternity pictures of us last night. We had a great time, and I can't wait to see how they turned out.
Movement? He has slowed down with his movement a little the past few days, but my doctor said that is expected as he is running out of room to wiggle!
Belly button? It's still in and No stretch marks!!! YAY!!
Labor signs? I think I have had a few Braxton Hicks, but not much more than that
Food cravings? I really haven't been that hungry the last few days. I guess if anything, I have been craving milk
What am I looking forward to? THURSDAY, of course and being with my wonderful family to welcome Logan to the world!
Milestones? Your full term (YAY!) Your baby is gaining about 1/2 an oz a day and getting his first sticky pop ready. He's also brushing up on his skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping.

Monday, January 11, 2010

37 week appointment and BIG news!

So we went into today for my 37 week appointment, and left with news that we really didn't expect! My blood pressure has been elevated for the past few weeks, and the doctor had my take it several times over the weekend and keep a record of it. I gave the record to the nurse and she took my blood pressure twice before we saw the doctor. She said it was elevated, and went to get Dr. Hirsch. He came in and checked me, and said Logan was still very high, and not engaged at all. His exact words were, "This baby is so high, he's not even in Canton, he's in Jasper." (which is the town above where we live!) We then went to his office and he told us that he would like to see us on Wednesday to recheck to see if anything had changed, and that he was going to go ahead and put us on the schedule for a c-section for this Thursday. He is on call that day, so he will be there to do the c-section. He said in his opinion, Logan is not moving down at all, and if we really felt strongly about doing a vaginal birth we could try, but it would be long, hard, and no guarantee he would even come that way. He has been doing this for more years than I have been alive, so we told him we would go with whatever he suggested.
I still can't believe this is all coming to an end! (I know really, it's just beginning). This pregnancy has been the most amazing experience of my life so far, and I am a little sad to see it go. I know once I see Logan and hold him for the first time, I will be entering into a whole new wonderful experience that will change my life forever! I can't wait to be a Mommy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

36 Weeks!

How far along am I? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain? 36 pounds
Sleep? Earlier this week, I was waking up at 2:30 and not going back to sleep. I asked the nurse what I could take and she suggest Benadryl or Tylenol PM. It has really helped.
How am I feeling? I really still feed good, I am just getting more and more ready to meet my little man. I was a little emotional last week, random things were making me cry. Thankfully, I have been tear free for a few days.
Best moment this week? Seeing Logan on the ultrasound probably for the last time before we see him in person. He still looked perfect!
Movement? He is moving like crazy pretty much all day. I keep trying to catch a video of it, but I swear he can see me get the camera, and then he stops as soon as I start recording.
Belly Button? Surprisingly it's still in
Labor signs? I have had some pressure today, but not much else.
Food cravings? brownies, blueberry muffins and cantaloupe
What I am looking forward to? Besides his birth? Going to see Dr. Hirsch next Monday and getting some news about Logan's arrival.
Milestones? Baby's skin is getting smooth and soft, his gums are rigid, his liver and kidneys are in working order, and his circulation and immune system are basically good to go.

Monday, January 4, 2010

36 week appointment and ultrasound

We had a great appointment today. We had the ultrasound first and the very first thing the tech said was, "Wow! He has a ton of hair!" It was actually flowing and moving around. She measured his head, stomach, and leg bones, which all measured around 39 weeks. (I am almost 36 weeks). We heard his heartbeat, which was nice and strong at 140 beats per minute. We got to see him practice breathing, so cool! The tech said he is estimated at 7 pounds 6 oz. They say babies grow add about 1/2 a pound per week, so if we went all the way to my due date he would be estimated at 9 pounds 6 oz!!! OUCH!!
After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally got to see Dr. Hirsch. He said we are definitely having a big baby, and there is no way I will go to my due date. Thank goodness! He said my blood pressure was much better so the bed rest must be working. He wants me to rest for another week, and come see him next Monday. He believes a c-section is in my future, which is fine with me. I was not dilated at all, and he said that Logan must be comfortable up there, because he was not engaged in my pelvis at all (basically, he is not even trying to come out). We will talk next Monday about the possibility of waiting another week, or going ahead and scheduling a c-section.
It's getting really close!!! Chris and I are so excited and can't wait to meet our little boy!