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Monday, January 4, 2010

36 week appointment and ultrasound

We had a great appointment today. We had the ultrasound first and the very first thing the tech said was, "Wow! He has a ton of hair!" It was actually flowing and moving around. She measured his head, stomach, and leg bones, which all measured around 39 weeks. (I am almost 36 weeks). We heard his heartbeat, which was nice and strong at 140 beats per minute. We got to see him practice breathing, so cool! The tech said he is estimated at 7 pounds 6 oz. They say babies grow add about 1/2 a pound per week, so if we went all the way to my due date he would be estimated at 9 pounds 6 oz!!! OUCH!!
After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally got to see Dr. Hirsch. He said we are definitely having a big baby, and there is no way I will go to my due date. Thank goodness! He said my blood pressure was much better so the bed rest must be working. He wants me to rest for another week, and come see him next Monday. He believes a c-section is in my future, which is fine with me. I was not dilated at all, and he said that Logan must be comfortable up there, because he was not engaged in my pelvis at all (basically, he is not even trying to come out). We will talk next Monday about the possibility of waiting another week, or going ahead and scheduling a c-section.
It's getting really close!!! Chris and I are so excited and can't wait to meet our little boy!

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