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Saturday, January 30, 2010

We've been busy!

We had our first big outing on Wednesday to my doctor, a newborn photo shot at Clix Portrait Studio, and a weight check for Logan at PAMPA with Dr. Worly. I got the ok to start running errands, and he said in two weeks, I would be restriction free! He said I am healing perfectly!

Logan's newborn pictures are adorable (who am I kidding, I think every picture of him is adorable). We haven't really gotten on to a schedule with feeding yet, so of course as soon as we got there he was ready to eat. He did pretty well with the pictures, but did not like being naked and messed with so much. Overall, I think they did a great job. Here are a few of the pictures:

Logan was 7 pounds 4 oz when we weighed him Tuesday. Dr. Worly said he was right on track, and the breastfeeding must be going well. We also measured him again, and he was 20 inches, the nurses probably measured wrong at the hospital, since there is no way he grew an inch in a week and a half.

Thursday Logan and Daniel (Daniel is Hope and Brian's baby, so Logan's cousin) got together for the first time. We laid them in Mimi's crib and took several pictures of them. It's funny to think they will be growing up together and this is the first picture of thousands we will have of them. It's also amazing to see how quickly they change. Daniel was smaller than Logan at birth and he looks so big compared to him. He is 4 months older than Logan.

Logan's cord is pretty much gone, so we are hoping to give Logan his first real bath in the next few days. I can't wait to see how he does with it. I have a feeling he is going to love it. I will post pictures soon.

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  1. He is precious in every picture but I love the family picture. You need to frame that one