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Monday, January 11, 2010

37 week appointment and BIG news!

So we went into today for my 37 week appointment, and left with news that we really didn't expect! My blood pressure has been elevated for the past few weeks, and the doctor had my take it several times over the weekend and keep a record of it. I gave the record to the nurse and she took my blood pressure twice before we saw the doctor. She said it was elevated, and went to get Dr. Hirsch. He came in and checked me, and said Logan was still very high, and not engaged at all. His exact words were, "This baby is so high, he's not even in Canton, he's in Jasper." (which is the town above where we live!) We then went to his office and he told us that he would like to see us on Wednesday to recheck to see if anything had changed, and that he was going to go ahead and put us on the schedule for a c-section for this Thursday. He is on call that day, so he will be there to do the c-section. He said in his opinion, Logan is not moving down at all, and if we really felt strongly about doing a vaginal birth we could try, but it would be long, hard, and no guarantee he would even come that way. He has been doing this for more years than I have been alive, so we told him we would go with whatever he suggested.
I still can't believe this is all coming to an end! (I know really, it's just beginning). This pregnancy has been the most amazing experience of my life so far, and I am a little sad to see it go. I know once I see Logan and hold him for the first time, I will be entering into a whole new wonderful experience that will change my life forever! I can't wait to be a Mommy!

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