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Friday, July 24, 2015

Landon's First Bites

Landon was showing us plenty of signs, that he was ready to try some solids, so we decided to go ahead and let him have a few tastes.  We started with a tiny bit of oatmeal mixed with breast milk.  He loved it and ate almost every bite.

Logan wanted to help too!  

Two days later we gave him some butternut squash at Mimi's house.  He loved it too!  

We waited a few days and gave him some more butternut squash and added in some avocado.  

This food has done quite a number on this little guys ability to poop, so we've added some prune juice to his diet and laid back on the food just a little. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Landon - 5 Months

5 Month Highlights

  • He weighed about 17 pounds when I weighed him at home
  • Will get length at 6 month check up
  • He is laughing out loud when we tickle him and jumps during Peek a Boo
  • He is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and usually once at night
  • He can sit up for a few seconds at a time.  His longest was about 20 seconds
  • He can roll both ways, but usually just gets mad and cries
  • Grabs with a very tight grip especially while eating.  If I can remember I let him hold onto a special baby necklace while he nurses.
  • Landon got to be a baby model for a baby swing.  We will find out in about 4-6 months if he made it onto the packaging.  
Highlights from last month:

First time in the highchair at a restaurant

They are the sweetest!  Holding hands while napping

Taking a bath in the big tub!  

Logan figured out that Daddy's underwear make for the perfect baby kangaroo pouch!

We got to take Logan's teacher to the zoo.  He was quite thrilled

Landon checking out Mickey.  This was one of Logan's favorite toys

Logan practicing his handwriting

There's something awesome about sleeping in your parents' bed.  Used to be my favorite spot.

We spent 4th of July at Granddaddy and Barbara's lake house.  

The Cousins (just missing Mackenzie)

Baby's First 4th of July

Glow party!

I decided to get a head start on baby food while I have the time.  I'm stocking up the freezer.  So far I have made butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  

Sitting up like a big boy

Waiting with the other babies at the photo shoot.

Resting in between pictures

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  He had a tiny taste of whipped cream.  He was a huge fan

All dressed up to go out to dinner for Mommy's birthday

This child wants everything in his mouth!

Chef Logan

He decided he'd rather sleep than watch the show

Family Selfie - Mommy is 32!

Our 6th Annual trip to the GA Aquarium for Mommy's birthday.  

2010- 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amelia Island 2015

We had a great trip to Amelia Island a few weeks ago.  Landon loved the pool and the kids had a blast on the beach, at the nature center and playing countless games of Go Fish!
I barely have time to sit down at the computer, so this is just going to be a picture post.