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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Car Seat (no this is not a duplicate post)

I just can't seem to pass up a good bargain when I find one, and dang...I just seem to happen upon them all the time!
Before finding the Graco 65, I had been researching the Britax seats as well as others, but they were so expensive.  The Britax seats came so highly recommended from other moms, but I couldn't justify spending $300 on a seat when there were others that were a lot less and probably just a good.
I had read online that someone found the Britax Marathon seat for $139.99 last week at Target, but I figured they were probably all sold out.  So you can imagine how excited I was to find a Britax box hiding on shelf at Target.  When I looked at the clearance sticker is said $199.99 (originally $289.99).  I flung the HUGE box up on the cart and headed for one of those price checkers, praying the whole time that it had just been missed when they reticketed clearance items.  I finally was able to scan it and TADA...it said $139.99!!  SCORE!!!  I headed straight to the checkout with my awesome find! 
We installed the seat in my car tonight and moved the Graco 65 into Daddy's car.  Since Daddy will be watching Logan part of the time I am back at work, we wanted to have a nice seat in Daddy's car, too.  I'm sure they will be making lots of trips to Home Depot in the future!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Real Pajamas!

Logan is very quickly outgrowing his sleepers (with the feet), so I broke out the BIG BOY pajamas!  He doesn't look like a baby anymore; he looks so grown up!  These are 12 month pajamas!  I went to buy him a few fall outfits, and had no clue what size to buy.  I ended up getting two 18 month outfits, since he is already wearing 12 month now!  I hope they fit!  I guess I will hold off buying anything else until I know what size he will be in the upcoming months.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm gonna miss these mornings....

I can't believe it's getting so close to the end of the summer.  I have about 2 1/2 weeks left and it is already killing me to think about going back to work.  I am really going to miss these summer morning of sleeping in, playing at breakfast and having fun together on the carpet. 
"Puffs are so yummy!"
"Okay, so I'm up, now what do I do?"
"Rocking back and forth will have to do for now, until I can figure out how to go!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Pics at Clix

We had a great time taking family pictures with The Sevin's at Clix! This is the same place I used for Logan's 2 week pictures, and I am very pleased with them once again. The boys did great and of course we got some super cute pictures of them. We got over 250 pictures, but here are just a few of my favorites!

Our Family!
Logan 6 months, Daniel 10 months
The boys!
Big Boy!
Looks like trouble....
Mimi and Pops with their boys!

The Sevin's

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleeping without the swaddle!

I think I may have tried to post this last month, but I can't remember if I posted the right one. This was one of the first nights Logan slept without a swaddle and we kept seeing him holding his feet and pulling them back up on the monitor. We thought he was awake, but found him doing this in his sleep. It was so funny! It was like he didn't know what to do with his feet since they had always been in the swaddle!

Mommy found the best deal at Babies R Us!

I found coupons for Buy One Get One Free Fisher Price toys at Babies R Us today and got some great new toys for Logan. I even got a few things to put away for Christmas! Yes, it is July 19th and I am starting my Christmas shopping! :)

Check out Logan's new "Gumball Machine"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Half a Year!

**Poof!** There! Let's freeze time right now. I'm not sure how much sweeter life can get. I am soaking up every second of time I have with Logan whether it's snuggling and nursing in the bed in the morning, laying on the living room floor playing, watching him splash and sit up in the tub, beg for more food in his high chair, or watching him sleep in baby bliss in his crib. I know we are about to enter a whole new adventure of crawling, talking and walking, but I have to say, I love this time with my baby and although I know I will enjoy watching him make new discoveries, I will miss this time when it's gone.

Dear Logan,

Just a little over 6 months ago, Daddy and I wrote you letters that we have tucked away for you to enjoy years from now. I sat at this same computer to type it, but instead of you sitting in my lap drooling on the keys and trying to type for Mommy, you were neatly packaged inside my tummy!

I want to begin this letter by saying thank you to you. I thank you for being one of the best things I have ever done in life! I feel like I did things right in my past, and feel accomplished with my education and my career, but all that pales in comparison to how I feel about you! I am so proud of who you already are and your little personality that is already shining through. You are such a relaxed and easy going baby. You pretty much go anywhere and do anything! You go to anyone, but you do always look to make sure Mommy is still close by. :) You love to smile and laugh, and can light up a room in less than a second. Our trips to the grocery store always take a few minutes extra because everyone wants to stop and talk to you. You now talk back to people and of course, that makes them talk to you even longer! Somehow, even when I'm in a rush, I never get tired of people telling me how precious you are or what a sweet smile you have.

I also want to thank you for showing me the true meaning of selflessness. Before you were born, everyone kept saying "Enjoy your sleep now" or "Enjoy being able to just run errands or do what you want with your "me time". I knew I would be ready to give those things up, but I didn't realize how easily I would be able to do it. Once you entered my life, sleep didn't matter as much, quick trips to Target or Publix suddenly seemed so unnecessary, and "my time" became "our time". I am now excited to give you all of my time and I look forward to spending the extra money I have on things for you. Before you were born, I loved to shop and would often buy new clothes for work or for fun. I am happy to report I just bought a few new shirts the other day, which is one of the only clothing purchases I have made for myself in the last few months. I seem to have a magnet for the baby section in all the stores I go to now, and I find myself thinking, "Oh, I HAVE to get that for Logan!" Relaxing by the pool reading a book, suddenly doesn't sound like a fun way to spend my afternoon. I would much rather be splashing in the water with you! Thank you for showing me how to feel so fulfilled!

Your Daddy asked me a question the other day, and at first I thought, "Why in the world would he ask me that?" (Let me preface this by saying, I have always talked about wanting children, specifically a boy and a girl. I didn't care whether I had a boy or a girl first, but thinking ignorantly, I figured, I'm a girl so I will relate better to a girl. Daddy asked me if when I found out we were having a boy, if I thought I would feel as connected to you as I do now. My first reaction was, "Why would you ask me a question like that? Of course I knew I would love my baby!" We continued talking and Daddy explained that he loves watching you and I interact each day and the love and bond we have with each other is amazing to him. I now understand why your Daddy asked me this question and I have to admit, I knew I would love you, but honestly, I couldn't even come close to comprehending the connection and bond we have with each other. The love I feel for you is truly amazing and having you in my life has finally shown me the true meaning of love.

I hope one day you read these letters and this blog and realize the reason I spend the time doing this is because the love I have for you is bursting from my lips and my fingers and I want the world to know what a spectacular baby you are! I also don't want to forget a single minute of your life and this is such a great way to keep a record of what you are doing and how you are developing!

I love you so much and I can't wait to continue on this magical ride of life with you!


p.s. Have I told you how much you amaze me?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Date is scheduled!!!!

So, okay....it's only taken us 6 months, but we have our first date scheduled! Thanks to one of my besties Falon, we are going to the movies Saturday afternoon! Falon surprised me with a movie gift certificate at lunch the other day and I know it is time for Chris and me to leave the babe for just a little while and do something, just the two of us.
I don't know why, but I guess I feel the need to explain this. It's never been about not trusting anyone to watch Logan, or not wanting to spend "alone" time with my husband. I just enjoy being with my baby and our family so much, I haven't felt the need to go out without him. I know everyone is different and mommies and daddies feel differently about this, but for me I just hate being away from him and would rather do things that include him. I'm sure I will be a little sad going, but I know Chris and I will have a great time and of course, Mimi and Pops will enjoy every second they have with Logan!

Mommy's Birthday!

We had such a great time on Sunday! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! It started pretty early with a trip to the aquarium. Josh, Mackenzie, Granddaddy, Mimi, Pops, Hope, Brian, Daniel, Amanda, Shaw and Mason met us there. It was a little crowded, but we were able to see just about everything. Logan loved looking at the fish and the water.

After lunch we headed to Pappasito's. I have been going to Pappasito's for my birthday for several years, although I missed last year. Although I really didn't want it, of course they had to sing to me and embarrass me!

It was too much excitement for this little guy. He slept through almost the entire lunch!

He finally woke up for a few pictures with his cousin.

Then we went to Mimi's that evening for cookie cake! Of course, we had to take a few more pictures of the boys!

As if all that wasn't enough, Chris and Logan ordered me a new iphone, which I am so excited about! Logan gave me the little boy charm for my Pandora bracelet. I got several gift certificates and some cash, so Logan and I will get to go on a nice shopping spree one day! I have to say the VERY best thing I got all day was the birthday card from Logan. He wrote me the sweetest message (with a little help from Daddy!). I will always keep my first card from Logan!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 Month Check Up!

We took Logan for his 6 month checkup yesterday. It was a few days early, but since Daddy starts his new job Monday, we wanted to go ahead and get it done so Daddy could be there. Logan was 19 lbs and 26 3/4 inches long. He had a great check up and once again, I cried more than he did with the shots. They say nursing them is a natural pain reliever, and I must agree, within a minute or two, he was fine. I know I should be over him getting shots by now, but he never cries like that and it gets to me every time!
We discussed Logan's lack of motivation to roll. He has rolled both ways a few times before, but he doesn't roll on a consistent basis. His doctor asked if he could sit with support, and I showed her that not only can he sit without support, but he can do it for several minutes if not longer. She was so impressed and couldn't believe he had been doing that so early. She said she was not concerned about the rolling, and could see he obviously had great strength. She said sometimes babies with more weight on them, took longer to roll for obvious reasons. It made me feel better to know that her baby was the exact same way.
She said she couldn't see any teeth coming through yet, but that we should start brushing his gums every night with bath time!
We also discussed his night waking. Around 3 months he slept 7 hours straight, then right after he turned 4 months he started waking at night and lately he only sleeps about 3-4 hour stretches then wakes up and starts talking to himself or whining a little. Usually I just go in and put his paci in his mouth and he goes right back to sleep. She suggested that since he can put his paci in his mouth by himself to load his crib with 10-12 paci's to increase the chance of him finding a paci in the middle of the night in hopes that he can put it in and put himself back to sleep.
The doctor was also impressed that he is doing so well with solids and already starting to use the sippy cup.
I am so glad that he is so healthy and growing so perfectly! We are blessed to have such a wonderful baby!
Guess What?
Logan was so pooped after his shots, he slept from 8:30 pm until 5:30 am....WITHOUT WAKING UP!!!! I woke up at 4:30, checked to make sure the monitor was working, then went and made sure he was still breathing. I couldn't believe he had slept that long without waking at all. I wonder if he will do it again tonight?
Here he is this morning after a little snuggle time in bed with Mommy and Daddy! Look at his boo boo's :(

Big Boy Car Seat!

After some research on the computer and several shopping visits I decided to go with the Graco MyRide 65. It will allow Logan to be rear facing up to 40 lbs and forward facing to 65 lbs. It is super comfy and even has two drink holders! We just installed it in the car last night, so I'll have to take a new picture today to show you how cool he looks in the car! I had his infant seat in the middle of the back, but decided to put this big seat on the driver's side, so I won't have to literally climb in the car every time I take him out of the car. The only bad this about this is that now if he's asleep in the car, I will have to wake him up when we get out of the car. Oh well, maybe that will help me stay at home more and do less shopping trips!

Oh, I got a GREAT deal on this seat, that's one of the main reasons I bought it. I was on clearance, due to new colors coming out, then and extra 25% off, plus a 20% off coupon! Wow! Great deal! I even got one for Mimi's car!

Mum Mum's

Logan has a new favorite food! I found these at Babies'R'Us and he LOVES them! Mum Mum's! It's a little rice cracker/wafer. He can suck and chew on them and they melt right in his mouth. So add this to the LONG list of food he loves!

Monday, July 5, 2010

What an awesome way to end a vacation!

We had a great day hanging out at the beach and the pool for our last day of vacation and July 4th. We went and had a great dinner and happened upon a few guys setting up fire works right down the street from our house. We were the first ones there and had front row seats! Logan was such a trooper and feel asleep about 30 minutes before the fireworks started. Of course, once the fireworks started he woke up, and I wasn't sure how he was going to react. We were so close, so the fireworks were pretty loud. He got a little scared at first, and was still very sleepy, but just laid back and watched the show! Mimi took this very cool picture of us!

This was us before the fireworks!

Little Patriotic Prince!

I love this picture from the beach earlier that day! Logan caught a BIG one!

I love this picture!

Standing up like such a big boy in the water! Next time Logan's at the beach, he'll probably be running around and swimming in the ocean!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life's a Beach!

What is it about the beach that takes every worry, care or problem you have and makes it melt away? Maybe it's the fact that you are away from home and all the reminders of life's daily stresses or maybe it's because you are reminded of just how amazing and awesome God is. I have been to the ocean more times then I can count, but for some reason sitting on the beach, looking out at the waves on this trip seemed a little more meaningful to me. Maybe it's because since Logan's been born I have been seeing the world through a different lens. I find myself staring at Logan thinking, "How can people not believe in God when they look at a precious baby? Who else could create such a perfect being?" This is how I have found myself looking at the ocean this trip. Before, they were just waves crashing into the sand, and big clouds covering up my longed after sun, but now the waves, the clouds, the tiny particles of sand are all evidence and reminders of just how truly awesome all of God's creations are.

On a lighter note....
I have probably taken a few hundred pictures already and could probably take another thousand. There is something about seeing my child experience all these new things, that makes me want to capture every blink on camera. I feel like I need to have documentation of every thing he does, so he will have memories of these awesome times! So, my family will have to forgive me for being the paparazzi, but we will be thankful we have these pictures some day. Here are just a few of my favorites; I'm sure I'll have plenty more to post!
My little Turtle playing in the sand
Daddy was so funny with the Sparkler's

Logan and Pops on the beach

Logan and Mimi

Logan's first taste of ice cream! The ice cream store is right by our house and it was their opening day! We got our picture taken to be put on the wall of "First Customers". Logan's modeling debut!

Loves fishing already! Just like his Dad, Uncle Josh, Pops and Granddaddy!

Feeling the ocean for the first time!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's only July 3rd...

It's only July 3rd, but I am so happy to say that July is already looking so much better for us!! Thank God!!

I don't mean to sound like a whiner or a cry baby, but we have had a rough two months, and we are so happy to put that behind us and move on!

It all started on Mother's Day when our sweet dog Sable passed away very suddenly. She was such a great friend and it was so hard to let her go so quickly. Just a few days later, out neighbor was found passed out in his yard and Chris and our other neighbor tried to do CPR, but unfortunately it was too late. If that wasn't enough emotional stress for Chris, we then made the decision to close Chris and Ronnie's store, Pets and Ponds. The decision was not an easy one, but in the end it will be the best thing. The economy has really taken a hit on the store, and unfortunately, so many of the other stores in thr shopping center have been closing down leaving the shopping center a less than desirable place for consumers. This past week was crazy, trying to sell everything and get things moved out of the store. Logan was such a trooper and hung out at the store while we worked our tushies off! Mimi and Pop's were there every step of the way and we don't know what we would do without them. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for everything they have done and do for us.
Add to all of this a ridiculously expensive speeding ticket I got in a construction zone, a huge crack in my windshield, and a nail in my tire. URRGGHHH!

**Side Note: My wallet would like to provide you with this Public Service Announcement: If you are traveling through Coweta County on I-85 and the sign says 50 mph in the construction zone....THEY REALLY MEAN IT! DO NOT SPEED, EVEN IF THE OTHER CARS AROUND YOU ARE GOING JUST AS FAST!!! I can think of 682 other ways to spend my hard earned money!

Then add the frightening thought of Chris now not having a job to all this and you get one emotional Momma. I have always considered myself a positive person, but damn, how much stress can you take before you just fall apart? Luckily, I have a great family support system, who listens to me when I just need to cry and get it all out. (Thanks Dad, Josh, and Melanie!)

Chris has actively been on a job search since the decision of closing the store was made and luckily he has already had a few interviews and as of yesterday a few offers!!

We are spending a few days with Mimi and Pops in Seacrest, Florida to unwind and try to get rid of the stress for just a little while. It is beautiful here and we are loving every second of it. Logan is loving the pool, the breeze and even the ocean! He got to put his feet in the sand yesterday for the first time. We went down to the beach later in the afternoon for a walk, so he didn't get to fully experience it yet. He sure loved looking at the ocean and listening to the waves. Of course, I'll post more about his beach experience soon!

I can see it now...

Over the past few weeks Granddaddy (my Dad) has had his backyard completely redone. He used a family friend of ours, Jesse Woodruff, with Property Masters. This is the same guy who redid Susan and Ronnie's backyard a few years ago, which looks equally as beautiful!
We moved into Dad's house when I was just two years old and up until two weeks ago it had a backyard that had been stepped on about five times. It basically was just a huge hill covered in trees, rocks, and random weeds. As you can see, it now looks beautiful! Granddaddy wanted to make sure he had a fun place for his grand babies to play when they came over! I'm sure that is not the ONLY reason he finished it. Sitting outside every morning, listening to the water fall, has to be quite relaxing, but it thrills me to know that my dad made his backyard plans with the grand kids in mind. He even has been talking about and shopping for a big swing set for them!
For years he has been getting rid of, or let me put it more delicately, "decluttering" his house of all of mine and Josh's things. Your hard pressed to even find a little toy for Logan or Mackenzie to play with, so knowing he designed the yard with them in mind makes me smile! So, I can see it now... camp outs in Granddad's backyard, catching lightening bugs in coffee cans, slip n slide to mess up his lovely grass :)
I can't wait and I know he can't either!