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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life's a Beach!

What is it about the beach that takes every worry, care or problem you have and makes it melt away? Maybe it's the fact that you are away from home and all the reminders of life's daily stresses or maybe it's because you are reminded of just how amazing and awesome God is. I have been to the ocean more times then I can count, but for some reason sitting on the beach, looking out at the waves on this trip seemed a little more meaningful to me. Maybe it's because since Logan's been born I have been seeing the world through a different lens. I find myself staring at Logan thinking, "How can people not believe in God when they look at a precious baby? Who else could create such a perfect being?" This is how I have found myself looking at the ocean this trip. Before, they were just waves crashing into the sand, and big clouds covering up my longed after sun, but now the waves, the clouds, the tiny particles of sand are all evidence and reminders of just how truly awesome all of God's creations are.

On a lighter note....
I have probably taken a few hundred pictures already and could probably take another thousand. There is something about seeing my child experience all these new things, that makes me want to capture every blink on camera. I feel like I need to have documentation of every thing he does, so he will have memories of these awesome times! So, my family will have to forgive me for being the paparazzi, but we will be thankful we have these pictures some day. Here are just a few of my favorites; I'm sure I'll have plenty more to post!
My little Turtle playing in the sand
Daddy was so funny with the Sparkler's

Logan and Pops on the beach

Logan and Mimi

Logan's first taste of ice cream! The ice cream store is right by our house and it was their opening day! We got our picture taken to be put on the wall of "First Customers". Logan's modeling debut!

Loves fishing already! Just like his Dad, Uncle Josh, Pops and Granddaddy!

Feeling the ocean for the first time!

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