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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I can see it now...

Over the past few weeks Granddaddy (my Dad) has had his backyard completely redone. He used a family friend of ours, Jesse Woodruff, with Property Masters. This is the same guy who redid Susan and Ronnie's backyard a few years ago, which looks equally as beautiful!
We moved into Dad's house when I was just two years old and up until two weeks ago it had a backyard that had been stepped on about five times. It basically was just a huge hill covered in trees, rocks, and random weeds. As you can see, it now looks beautiful! Granddaddy wanted to make sure he had a fun place for his grand babies to play when they came over! I'm sure that is not the ONLY reason he finished it. Sitting outside every morning, listening to the water fall, has to be quite relaxing, but it thrills me to know that my dad made his backyard plans with the grand kids in mind. He even has been talking about and shopping for a big swing set for them!
For years he has been getting rid of, or let me put it more delicately, "decluttering" his house of all of mine and Josh's things. Your hard pressed to even find a little toy for Logan or Mackenzie to play with, so knowing he designed the yard with them in mind makes me smile! So, I can see it now... camp outs in Granddad's backyard, catching lightening bugs in coffee cans, slip n slide to mess up his lovely grass :)
I can't wait and I know he can't either!

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