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Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 Month Check Up!

We took Logan for his 6 month checkup yesterday. It was a few days early, but since Daddy starts his new job Monday, we wanted to go ahead and get it done so Daddy could be there. Logan was 19 lbs and 26 3/4 inches long. He had a great check up and once again, I cried more than he did with the shots. They say nursing them is a natural pain reliever, and I must agree, within a minute or two, he was fine. I know I should be over him getting shots by now, but he never cries like that and it gets to me every time!
We discussed Logan's lack of motivation to roll. He has rolled both ways a few times before, but he doesn't roll on a consistent basis. His doctor asked if he could sit with support, and I showed her that not only can he sit without support, but he can do it for several minutes if not longer. She was so impressed and couldn't believe he had been doing that so early. She said she was not concerned about the rolling, and could see he obviously had great strength. She said sometimes babies with more weight on them, took longer to roll for obvious reasons. It made me feel better to know that her baby was the exact same way.
She said she couldn't see any teeth coming through yet, but that we should start brushing his gums every night with bath time!
We also discussed his night waking. Around 3 months he slept 7 hours straight, then right after he turned 4 months he started waking at night and lately he only sleeps about 3-4 hour stretches then wakes up and starts talking to himself or whining a little. Usually I just go in and put his paci in his mouth and he goes right back to sleep. She suggested that since he can put his paci in his mouth by himself to load his crib with 10-12 paci's to increase the chance of him finding a paci in the middle of the night in hopes that he can put it in and put himself back to sleep.
The doctor was also impressed that he is doing so well with solids and already starting to use the sippy cup.
I am so glad that he is so healthy and growing so perfectly! We are blessed to have such a wonderful baby!
Guess What?
Logan was so pooped after his shots, he slept from 8:30 pm until 5:30 am....WITHOUT WAKING UP!!!! I woke up at 4:30, checked to make sure the monitor was working, then went and made sure he was still breathing. I couldn't believe he had slept that long without waking at all. I wonder if he will do it again tonight?
Here he is this morning after a little snuggle time in bed with Mommy and Daddy! Look at his boo boo's :(

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