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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Date is scheduled!!!!

So, okay....it's only taken us 6 months, but we have our first date scheduled! Thanks to one of my besties Falon, we are going to the movies Saturday afternoon! Falon surprised me with a movie gift certificate at lunch the other day and I know it is time for Chris and me to leave the babe for just a little while and do something, just the two of us.
I don't know why, but I guess I feel the need to explain this. It's never been about not trusting anyone to watch Logan, or not wanting to spend "alone" time with my husband. I just enjoy being with my baby and our family so much, I haven't felt the need to go out without him. I know everyone is different and mommies and daddies feel differently about this, but for me I just hate being away from him and would rather do things that include him. I'm sure I will be a little sad going, but I know Chris and I will have a great time and of course, Mimi and Pops will enjoy every second they have with Logan!

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