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Monday, March 28, 2011

Two down, lots to go!

Logan now knows two body parts! Watch and see what else he can show us now...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where's your tummy?

I love coming home from work and playing with this little guy! He makes me literally laugh out loud!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Saturday!

We couldn't ask for more beautiful weather this weekend!  Logan and I spend the morning with Aunt Hope and Daniel.  We shopped a little, played at the mall, and ate lunch together.  Then we headed to Granddaddy's to visit him and Ms. Barbara.  Logan was able to show off his new found walking skills and was very proud of himself! 
After that we headed over to Mimi and Pop's house, so Daddy could help Pop's get some work done in the garden.  Logan, Mimi and I supervised, and got a lot of play time in.  When did Logan nap today, you ask, if he was so busy.  Well, this little stinker only napped a total of TWENTY minutes ALL day!!!  Surprisingly, he was as happy as can be.  I laid him down right and 7:30 and he was out like a light!  I'm pretty sure we wore him out today.

Here are a few pictures I took at Mimi's house and I played with the editing program on the computer....Is it just me or is he a REALLY cute baby?

"Pick me up!"
Playing soccer with Mimi
I wonder what fun tomorrow holds....????

Going for a Stroll!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Monet!

It was so nice when I got home from school, Logan and I headed out to the front yard to play and enjoy the beautiful weather.  One the way out of school this afternoon, I grabbed a few things to have a little craft time with Logan.
I decided to have Logan paint his very first Shamrock.  Mommy cut the shamrock out and we put it in a large Ziplock bag with a little bit of green paint and a few marbles.  I zipped the bag up and let Logan have at it.  He had fun squishing the bag for a few minutes and then got really interested in the grass.  I tried to take a few pictures, but for some reason, they aren't on my memory card...not sure what happened there.
Next, Mommy took the shamrock out of the bag and let it dry while we went to dinner.  When we got home Logan's very first shamrock was complete and I have to say he did an amazing job!  Now, it's right where it needs to be...on the fridge! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14 Months!

Well, I am happy to say....we have a walker!  I don't know if it was being around his older cousin, Mackenzie, this weekend, or what, but Logan has decided he likes this walking thing and has become very brave!  He was actually trying to wiggle out of my arms to get down.  If you have seen Logan near his Mama, you know he always wants to be picked up, so this is a big step for us! 
I ended up postponing his physical therapy appointment, and decided to give it a few more weeks since he started to walk some without shoes and I was noticing less tip toeing.  I'm glad I waited and I really think he is right on track and I will just continue to watch him and discuss it with the doctor next month to see if there is still a concern.

Logan's little personality is continuing to bloom!  He loves saying, "No" to us.  He certainly knows what it means and it's nice that he can tell me if he doesn't want something.  Tonight when I went to get him out of the bathtub, he told me no and insisted on playing chase in the tub.  He thought it would be funny to crawl from one end of the tub to the other trying to "escape" from me; all while shaking his head no and squealing.  It had me laughing out loud! 

Logan is finally feeling better and he is back to his normal eating and sleeping routines (Thank goodness!).  He is eating like a little piggy!  He is pretty much eating anything we give him, and still loves watermelon and fruit!  He is nursing two times a day, once after school and right before bed.  He definitely tries to sneak in more sessions on the weekend when I am home with him. 
I'm not sure where I am with weaning.  I guess in my mind, I thought Logan would wean himself, but the degree of attachment he has with my chest, is quite extreme.  I think I am going to set my deadline at 18 months if he hasn't self-weaned by then. 

I have been singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for months to Logan and he has always loved the song, and just last week he finally started doing, well trying to do the spider move.  It's really cute!  Another funny thing he does is hide things under the couch.  He sticks a ball under the flap and then looks at you smiling as if to say, "Where did it go?"   Then he sticks his arm under and digs around until he finds it and pulls it out. M

Mama, Dada, Shasha, as well as a plethora of other unrecognizable sounds are still pouring out of his mouth.  Logan has started saying Night, Night.  He says it after his bath and we when go upstairs to read before bed.  We are practicing lots of words each day and hopefully we will start hearing more. 

I can't believe it has been 14 months since we welcomed this sweet baby into our lives.  His beauty and innocence can bring tears to my eyes, his daily discoveries allow me to shine inside and his little antics leave my belly hurting from laughter.  We are so blessed!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Logan's a PFBB!

We are happy to announce that Logan is now, and has been for the past three weeks, a Paci-Free Big Boy!  I was a little hesitant to post this at first, because I thought we might have a relapse, but he's holding strong!  When he first caught that nasty little cold three weeks ago, he couldn't use the paci because he couldn't breathe with it in.  We decided it was nature's way of telling us it was time to say goodbye to the paci.  In desperation, I actually tried it a few times last week when he was fussy, but every time he spit it right out.  All except the night he was vomiting so much.  Too exhausted to do anything else, he grabbed his paci and passed out right on the changer in the living room floor.  That was the last time he had it.   I'm convinced, it was the right time and I have to admit, that was much easier than I thought.
Poor baby!  I'm so glad that he's finally feeling back to normal!

Now, if only the weaning from nursing goes as easily....(Still not quite ready, but I know we need to start heading that direction)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Still giggling!

Another video...It makes me giggle!

The Shakes!

This is cracking us up! When he doesn't want something, he will shake his head no! I noticed him doing it yesterday and he has continued to do it since! I'm sure this won't be as funny in a few weeks or months when he tells me no for things he should be saying yes for. Oh well! For now, it's funny!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy Day Play

A brand new Gymboree Play opened right around the corner from us (1.3 miles away!).  They allow you to come in for a free class, so I signed us up for the 9:00 class this morning.  Not only was it yucky and rainy out, but we had to be out of the house for a while this morning.  Granddaddy surprised me with a treat to have my house cleaned!  Whoa!!  What a treat!  It looks spectacular and man it feels good to have a deep cleaning done on the house!  (Thanks again, Granddaddy!)
The class at Gymboree was really fun and there was actually only one other little boy there.  He and Logan were only 1 day apart!  I think they both had a really good time.
Here are a few pictures from our morning:
Clapping with Mommy
Hiding in the "cave"
Walking with Daddy
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Steps!

We were actually able to catch Logan's very first real steps on camera tonight!  He has taken a few steps before (like maybe 6 steps when going between furniture), but he took off tonight.  Chris stood him up and he walked to me several times.  On the fifth round, Chris remembered to grab the video camera.  Thank goodness!  We are so proud of Logan!!!  He's such a big boy!