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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Saturday!

We couldn't ask for more beautiful weather this weekend!  Logan and I spend the morning with Aunt Hope and Daniel.  We shopped a little, played at the mall, and ate lunch together.  Then we headed to Granddaddy's to visit him and Ms. Barbara.  Logan was able to show off his new found walking skills and was very proud of himself! 
After that we headed over to Mimi and Pop's house, so Daddy could help Pop's get some work done in the garden.  Logan, Mimi and I supervised, and got a lot of play time in.  When did Logan nap today, you ask, if he was so busy.  Well, this little stinker only napped a total of TWENTY minutes ALL day!!!  Surprisingly, he was as happy as can be.  I laid him down right and 7:30 and he was out like a light!  I'm pretty sure we wore him out today.

Here are a few pictures I took at Mimi's house and I played with the editing program on the computer....Is it just me or is he a REALLY cute baby?

"Pick me up!"
Playing soccer with Mimi
I wonder what fun tomorrow holds....????

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