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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

I couldn't sleep and jumped out of bed at 4:30am to go take the most important test of my life. This test involved no studying, and I didn't even need a sharp pencil or scratch paper. One year ago today, I saw the one word that would change our lives forever....PREGNANT.

The night before I had taken a test with the lines, and we thought we saw a VERY faint line, but we weren't sure so we decided to take a digital test. I remember my hands shaking as I waited for the results. After waiting what felt like 45 minutes, my shaking hands somehow picked up the test and just started crying. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was trying so hard not to be too loud with my tears of joy. I didn't want to wake Chris up yet. I had planned something special to tell him the news. I really wanted to just start screaming and wake him up that way, but I knew it would be better to wait and surprise him the way I had planned.
It's so hard to believe that it has already been a year from that amazing day, and boy have we had some equally or more exciting days in this past year...finding out Logan was a boy, seeing our baby's face and body before he was even born, his birth, first smiles, it seems to get better with everyday that passes and every new thing he does.

I feel truly blessed! I will NEVER forget May 26th or the feeling I had the day I found out I was getting to start the job I was put on this earth to do....Be a Mommy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

4 Month Doctor's Appt

Thursday, we had Logan's 4 month appointment. at PAMPA with the nurse practitioner Debbie. Mommy was much stronger at this appointment and didn't even shed a tear, although I got really close to it!
Logan was 16 pounds 9 oz. and 25 inches long. He was in the 75th percentile for height and weight and 50-75th percentile for head circumference. They were very impressed with his growth!
We discussed his bowel movements, or lack thereof, and Debbie suggested we give him prune or pear just once a day to get things moving! We tried it last night and he took about 1/4 of an oz. No poop yet, but things are brewing! Isn't it strange how once you have a kid, you instantly become so interested in poop!

We also discussed starting solids. I told Debbie, I was in no rush to start them and hoping to hold off until closer to 6 months. She explained that the AAP recommends that you wait until 6 months, but they can be introduced a little earlier if they child shows definite signs of being ready. She explained I would know this Logan is having a fit to have some of the food we are eating. We talked about how he now watches us eat and will even open his mouth when we take a bite of our food. She said to keep watching and it was recommended to wait until closer to 6 months. Since Logan is developing so well, and our nursing has been so successful, we have decided to put off solids for the time being. I hate to mess up something that is going so well.

Although Logan is not the biggest fan of tummy time, we are now in Operation Tummy Time! He already spends some time each day on his tummy, but after about 5 minutes he begins to cry. Debbie explained that babies develop on their tummies and he needs to spend as much time as possible on his tummy while he is awake. She said their frustration on their tummy leads to discovery and learning. So, Logan is now spending more time on his tummy and although he protests a little, he is handling Operation Tummy Time fairly well.

Logan got his shots and took the oral medicine and the first shot without making a peep. The second shot however, made the little guy scream! Mommy scooped him up right away and a little time with the "Twins" fixed him right up! He did however, run a fever yesterday. He slept most of the afternoon and seems to be feeling back to himself today!

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to have such a beautiful, healthy baby or how lucky I feel to be his mother? I love him so much! I must still have some of the pregnancy hormones in me, because some days I just stare at him and tears run down my face and feelings of joy and happiness overcome me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

4 Months!

Our precious boy is 4 months old! Can you believe it? How is time going by so quickly? I hope it slows down. I feel like if I blink my eyes one more time, he is going to be walking.

4 Months:

Weight: We have Logan's 4 month check up on Thursday, so I don't know his exactly weight, but last Monday he was 16 lbs. on the nose, so I'm going to guess that by his appointment he will be close to 16 1/2 lbs.

Length: Again, not sure until Thursday, but maybe 25 inches?

Eating: Logan was sleeping through the night, but for the last week he has been waking up around 3 am to eat. I always wake him up to eat at 5 am before I go to work. He recently went up to a 6 oz bottle when he wakes up with Chris in the morning. Then eats two more bottles while I am at work. Then nurses a few times once I get home. Only 4 more days until Mommy is home for the Summer! YAY!

We plan to talk to the doctor at his appointment about when to start rice cereal. I was pretty sure I wanted to wait until 6 month to introduce solids, but Logan has really been showing signs that he might be ready to start before that. He is very interested in what we are eating, and actually opens his mouth when he sees us eating. He has great head control and is sitting with assistance. We'll see what the doctor says!

Wearing: Logan is wearing all 6 months clothes and even some 6-9 month things. He is wearing size 2 diapers, but as soon as we finish this HUGE pack I bought, we will move to the 2-3's.

Sleeping: He is so great about letting us know when he is tired and goes right to sleep as soon as we lay him down. He usually goes down around 8:30, but tonight he is was exhausted and went down around 7:30. He sleeps until around 2 or 3, wakes up to eat, goes back down until 5, eats again, and sleeps until about 8am.

Social Skills: pppppppppppppp......... That is Logan's new sound. He loves to "motorboat". He is also drooling like crazy! He loves to smile and is laughing out loud. He loves to be read to and talks to the characters in the book. I just ordered him a bunch of books from the Scholastic book clubs at school and went to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale today with Megan and Wyatt. I think Logan has about 50 new books!

Motor Skills: We have a roller! Logan started rolling from back to tummy overnight. He did it about 4 times today! As you can see in his picture, he is sitting up very well with assistance and can even sit by himself for a few seconds. He loves to grab his toys and put them in his mouth. He has figured out how to take his paci out and get it close to his mouth again, but he doesn't know how to get it back in. He has also found his feet. While he is laying on his back he curls his legs up and grabs his feet.

Here are some recent pictures:

His monthly monkey picture! Look how much he has changed in just 4 months!

Relaxing in my robe and slippers!

Look! I can sit for a few seconds all by myself!

Logan is now rolling from back to tummy. He tries to pull himself over by pulling his own hand. He shakes and his finger tips go white from the pulling. It's really cute!

Sitting with my monkey friend!

All dressed up after church on Mother's Day.

All warm and snug after my bath! How sweet is that face?

Another 4 month picture

Granddaddy and Barbara came over to eat hamburgers and celebrate Logan's 4 month birthday! Logan wore his camo outfit that Granddaddy gave him when he was born.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy's famous lip!

As far back as I can remember my dad has always talked about my "pouty lip". He always said all I had to do was stick that bottom lip out and I pretty much got what I wanted! :) Well guess who else is working on that "pouty lip"? I've been trying to catch Logan's pout and I finally got it! It is the sweetest face and makes me want to scoop him up and kiss all over him! So now "Little Chris" has two things from Mommy, my eyes and the pouty lip!

Hot Babe!

We bought Logan a little pool for the back yard, for days when Mommy doesn't feel like lugging everything down to the neighborhood pool. We decided to try it out Sunday evening, since it was so nice out.
Chilling in my swing while we were waiting on Daddy! I love my swing!
Yum, Yum! Pool toys taste so yummy!
Chris came out with his bathing suit on and I'm not sure if he realized how small this "little" pool was. He hopped right in though and squeezed himself in! It was quite funny!
Relaxing with my shades on!
All warm with Mommy after my first swim!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Have you ever seen a happier baby? Daddy hung Logan's swing up the other night and we thought we would give it a try. As you can clearly see, he loves it! He would kick his legs really fast and smile and laugh at us.
Could I be anymore in love? I don't think so!