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Saturday, May 22, 2010

4 Month Doctor's Appt

Thursday, we had Logan's 4 month appointment. at PAMPA with the nurse practitioner Debbie. Mommy was much stronger at this appointment and didn't even shed a tear, although I got really close to it!
Logan was 16 pounds 9 oz. and 25 inches long. He was in the 75th percentile for height and weight and 50-75th percentile for head circumference. They were very impressed with his growth!
We discussed his bowel movements, or lack thereof, and Debbie suggested we give him prune or pear just once a day to get things moving! We tried it last night and he took about 1/4 of an oz. No poop yet, but things are brewing! Isn't it strange how once you have a kid, you instantly become so interested in poop!

We also discussed starting solids. I told Debbie, I was in no rush to start them and hoping to hold off until closer to 6 months. She explained that the AAP recommends that you wait until 6 months, but they can be introduced a little earlier if they child shows definite signs of being ready. She explained I would know this Logan is having a fit to have some of the food we are eating. We talked about how he now watches us eat and will even open his mouth when we take a bite of our food. She said to keep watching and it was recommended to wait until closer to 6 months. Since Logan is developing so well, and our nursing has been so successful, we have decided to put off solids for the time being. I hate to mess up something that is going so well.

Although Logan is not the biggest fan of tummy time, we are now in Operation Tummy Time! He already spends some time each day on his tummy, but after about 5 minutes he begins to cry. Debbie explained that babies develop on their tummies and he needs to spend as much time as possible on his tummy while he is awake. She said their frustration on their tummy leads to discovery and learning. So, Logan is now spending more time on his tummy and although he protests a little, he is handling Operation Tummy Time fairly well.

Logan got his shots and took the oral medicine and the first shot without making a peep. The second shot however, made the little guy scream! Mommy scooped him up right away and a little time with the "Twins" fixed him right up! He did however, run a fever yesterday. He slept most of the afternoon and seems to be feeling back to himself today!

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to have such a beautiful, healthy baby or how lucky I feel to be his mother? I love him so much! I must still have some of the pregnancy hormones in me, because some days I just stare at him and tears run down my face and feelings of joy and happiness overcome me.

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