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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pay It Forward

A super generous co-worker sought me out last week and offered me, well actually, Logan a Thomas the Train Table and train set.  I was afraid it was not going to be in great condition, but with one coat of white paint, and a few Clorox wipes, the table looks brand new! 
Not only did it come with a few tracks and cars, I'm sure we probably have $800+ worth of trains, tracks and the table.  Needless to say, Logan LOVES it!  He has already started saying, "Choo, Choo"

On Sunday, Chris and I worked in the garage for several hours and organized all of his tools, threw away a ton of junk and just cleaned up.  I am happy to report for the first time in 5 years, I am now parking in the garage!  I am so excited!  It will be so nice this winter to have my car inside.  Now the trick is to not let our garage become a catch all again.

While we were cleaning out our garage, our neighbors yelled for us to come over.  They were also cleaning out and had a barely used Eddie Bauer car seat from 2010 that they were getting rid of because they didn't need it anymore.  I gladly accepted it, and although it really looked like it had never been used, I tore it apart and washed and wiped down everything.  I knew that Mimi's seat was not the best, so we offered the seat to her.  Chris and I got it back together last night and Mimi installed it today.  (It's very similar to this seat)

I feel so blessed to have such great co workers and neighbors.  I am working on several ways to "pay it forward". 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dr. Seuss Try Outs?

Bless Logan's heart, well actually his hair...Poor baby has his mommy's hair.  I absolutely LOVE his curls and I have to admit, I have fun playing, combing, and yes, curling his hair.  Each night we make a new hair do in the tub, and I use my iPhone camera to show Logan what his hair looks like.  Excuse the poor quality of pictures, but I had to share a few of my favorites.  After looking at them, I decided he's ready to play Cindy Lou Who's little brother or some other funky Dr. Seuss character! 

And if that's not funny enough, you MUST watch this.  If you can make it through baby belly laughs without laughing yourself, something is seriously wrong with you.    Logan kept putting a foam letter "L" in my mouth and thought it was hilarious for me to spit it out at him.
(Sorry for the crappy camera operator. I am going to fire her tomorrow!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

19 Months!

Welcome to the life of a 19 month old who decided that a 20 minute nap would suffice!  Mommy tried to have him sit on the steps for a picture, but clearly his phone call was MUCH more important. 

Then Mommy and Daddy tried the wagon.  NOT A FAN!

Oh Wait!  This is okay!  Daddy makes me giggle!

Nope, Crankmaster is back!

Okay, Daredevil, I'll let you out if you give me a big smile!

Logan went and got the swing, so Daddy hung it up, put Logan in and this is what we got!  Can you say T-I-R-E-D??

I know what will do the trick....The always reliable kitchen!

What's for supper?

I'll update you on what he's up to another time....I'm exhausted after all of that!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Tomorrow is the BIG day!  Logan's first day of Preschool.  On Thursday, Chris, Pop and I went to Logan's open house.  We meet his teachers and a few of his classmates.  His teachers are wonderful and I know Logan is going to be in great hands.  I was worried that Logan was going to stayed glued to me while we were there, but as soon as he was in the room with the other kids, I'm not even sure if he looked to see if we were still there. 
Guess what Logan found in his new classroom?  A kitchen!!  :)  Now I know he'll be fine! 
I will be waiting by my phone on Tuesday to hear how my little man's first day went.  I'm sure there will be some tears, but I think it will go great! 
So excited to go meet his teachers!

Logan's sweet surprise from school!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Wear the Pants in This House?

Logan does, of course! 

We were playing in the living room and Daddy had left his shorts on the floor although he would tell you he was just leaving them there until the next time he was going upstairs.  (I think he was waiting on the Laundry Fairy to come!)  Anyways, Logan has been trying to get him self dressed for a few months, and I guess he saw this as a great opportunity to practice.  He grabbed Daddy's shorts and got to work, as I grabbed my camera and my tummy as I was literally on the floor laughing at him.  He is so determined, he finally admitted defeat after accidentally throwing himself on the floor twice! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

How can you make a cute kid even cuter?

That's easy you put him in overalls, and give him a GIANT lollipop!!  I mean seriously, the only thing cuter than this would have been if I gave him a golden retriever puppy, and we know there is no way in H - E - double hockey sticks a little puppy is making it's way into our life right now!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Imagine That!

For the last day of my summer, I decided Logan and I needed to do something fun, so we called up Aunt Hope and Daniel to see if they wanted to try out Imagine It, the children's museum that's in downtown Atlanta.  I have heard great things about it, but wasn't sure if the boys were old enough to enjoy it.  Well, let me just say this, if you live in Atlanta, have a child, and have not been you MUST go!  If you don't live here, you need to come and visit.  It's walking distance from Centennial Park, the World of Coke and The Georgia Aquarium. 

Take a look at the fun we had today!  I guess if I have to go back to work tomorrow, at least I know we had a blast today and I can think of his smiles as I am sitting through never ending meetings for 8 days! 

We got there a little early, so we headed to the playground at the park.  The boys had a great time while the mommies were dripping sweat! 

Once we finally made it out the sweltering heat and into the museum, we knew the boys were in for a treat.  There was fun every where we looked! 

We first stopped at the water play area.  They boys got all suited up in their raincoats, grabbed their fishing poles, and hit the pond! 

Next, we headed to the kitchen/grocery, and farm area.  If you know my son, you know he was in heaven!  Guess what he went straight for?  Yep, the microwave.

Logan spotted this cow from far away, and stomped right up to it, ready to check him out until the cow let out a, "MMOOOOOOO".  Then, my brave little cow hand, wasn't too sure about him.  (You could actually milk the cow!)  I know what you're thinking, and YES, I did milk him. 

Next up was play time for our little Picassos!  This was the first time Logan used paint, let alone a paint brush and paint tray.  Mr. Independent had to hold it himself, but I must say, he did a great job, besides trying to eat the brush! 

Obviously, Mommy helped with the name :)

 We had to bust out the awesome lady bug apron once Mr. Independent came out!  Surprisingly, we went home paint free!

I think we had our first real battle of tug of war over this piano!   The boys were hilarious trying to get to it.  When one would walk away the other would run over and start playing, which caused the first one to run back over!  Did the mommies go over and try to make peace or distract the boys?  A few times, but it was actually a little funny to watch them try to figure out how to share. 

There were so many more things to explore including balls and machines...

Train tables (which we had to drag Daniel from kicking and screaming.  The boy loves his trains!)

Sports uniforms and equipment

the alphabet

mystery holes with different types of balls inside

and so much more I didn't even get to take pictures of because I was busy chasing my explorer around! 

We had a great time and will certainly be visiting this place again!