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Monday, August 15, 2011


Tomorrow is the BIG day!  Logan's first day of Preschool.  On Thursday, Chris, Pop and I went to Logan's open house.  We meet his teachers and a few of his classmates.  His teachers are wonderful and I know Logan is going to be in great hands.  I was worried that Logan was going to stayed glued to me while we were there, but as soon as he was in the room with the other kids, I'm not even sure if he looked to see if we were still there. 
Guess what Logan found in his new classroom?  A kitchen!!  :)  Now I know he'll be fine! 
I will be waiting by my phone on Tuesday to hear how my little man's first day went.  I'm sure there will be some tears, but I think it will go great! 
So excited to go meet his teachers!

Logan's sweet surprise from school!

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