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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ups, Downs, and Browns of Life

Thank goodness we started Spring Break today, otherwise I might not have this HUGE smile on my face.  Logan and I have been fighting a nasty stomach bug since Tuesday.  This isn't the vomiting stomach bug, it's the other kind of stomach bug!  YUCK! 
Poor baby hasn't wanted to eat in days and he seems to play a musical tunes with his toots as he walks around the house.  Every so often those toots turn into something not as entertaining....hence "the browns of life"  although poops these days come in a variety of colors.  (Have you stopped reading yet?)  :)
He hasn't really wanted to drink water or Pedialite, but the ol' twins are still in high demand.  Let's just say I have pretty much turned back into a 24 hour all you can drink bar.  It's nice to know that even when nothing else in the world sounds good, I can at least provide him with something so comforting and nourishing.  Guess we'll think about the weaning thing later.  A huge thanks goes out to Mimi and Pops for taking on Poopy Pants duty, while Chris and I were at work this week.  I'm sure it's not as fun to watch Logan when you are inundated with "The Browns" all day. 

We have got to get little man better quickly, because we are leaving Wednesday for a trip to New Orleans.  Chris and his family are from The Big Easy, and we are so excited to take Logan to see where his family (well part of it) is from.  Not to mention the WONDERFUL food we will get to eat while we are there.  Logan is also going to get to go on his very first plane ride, have snowballs and beignets, and or course, get lots of beads! 

The last bit of good news I wanted to share is that we have been growing Logan's savings account over the last 14 months and I am so happy to report that we can officially pay for one or two weeks of college!  We just hit the $1,000.00 mark!  I am thrilled and can't wait to continue to watch the account grow.  Granddaddy has always been big about Logan's savings account and on holidays, instead of toys, he makes deposits.  He has been a help in reaching our first goal! 

Well...I just heard another explosion....pray this little bug leaves us soon!

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