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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Favorite Things Part II

If you have been keeping up with us for a while, then you probably remember I did a Favorite Things part I when Logan was 5 weeks old.  If you missed it, click here.
I had all intentions of doing this a while ago, but to be honest, I kind of forgot about it.  Here we are almost a year later and of course, we have a new list of our favorite things. 

Logan loves turkey dogs for lunch or dinner!

This boy loves watermelon.   He eats it at breakfast, lunch and dinner!
mini pancakes are a staple in our house.  After his fruit and Cheerios in the morning, Logan loves a few mini pancakes with a little cinnamon on top!
These are the one and only sippy cups that Logan will drink from.  He never really learned how to turn a regular sippy cup up or a bottle for that matter.  He went straight to the straw sippy, which is great, except for the 20 other sippy cups now sitting in my cabinet collecting dust!
I love that this is Logan's favorite book.  We read it EVERY single night before bed, along with a few other books.  I always end with this one and he loves to help turn the pages.  According to my mom, this was one of my favorite books as well. 
Meet Sleepy Scout.  If your little one doesn't know Scout, they must meet.  My cousin Melanie gave Logan the big Scout for his birthday, and Logan loved it so much, when I saw this little guy, I knew we had to have him.  We play his night night music when Logan goes to sleep and Logan loves to snuggle with him in the crib. 
This is another one of Logan's favorite books.  It's a touch and feel, so he loves to rub the different furs in the book.  I can ask him where is the dog, and he will turn to the page and pat the dog's picture!
This is a lifesaver when we are in a bind.  It's an app on my i-phone called, Look Baby, that has a few different pictures with sounds that change when the baby touches them.  Although it may be a little girly, the butterfly is Logan's favorite. 
Logan loves to be outside, whether it's in his new bike, his wagon, or on his swing.  We try to go for some type of ride every evening, granted that the weather is cooperating!
The Tiny Diner mat is another one of my favorites.  It makes me breath a little easier when we go out to eat, so I know he is not eating his food right off the nasty table.  There is a little barrier between all the germs.  It's awesome, because you just come home and throw it in the dishwasher!
Of course, we can't forget Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Logan loves to watch Mickey.  There is not too much he will actually pay attention to on TV (which I'm sure is a good thing), but when Mickey comes on he stops what he is doing to stare at his best friend for a few minutes. 

There are so many other things I could add to this list, but I'd be on here for days.  What are some of your little one's favorite things?  I'd love to know!

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