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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Logan's Winter One-derland!

Friday was Logan's actual birthday and we luckily were at home to spend it with him.  We woke up and Daddy made Logan special Mickey pancakes!  Logan loved it! 

Being Silly with Mommy!

Sitting on my birthday pillow from Ms. Debbie

We spend most of the day just playing and getting ready for Logan's party.  Scott, Melanie and Jack got in around 2:30 and we had fun playing with baby Jack.  We had a nice visit from Mimi, Pops, Uncle Brian and Daniel.  After they left we had a birthday dinner at home and just relaxed and visited.
Saturday morning, we woke up early and left to go find out the sex of Logan's new cousin. 

Logan and Jack waiting to go back to the ultrasound
We felt so honored to be a part of Scott and Melanie's special moment and I think we might have gone through a box of Kleenex when we saw that Melanie's precious new baby is a GIRL!!!  We were so excited and Melanie decided to wait to tell everyone.  She tried to tell me that she didn't want to talk about it until Sunday after Logan's party, but I told her that was ridiculous and we had to scream it from the rooftops!  She was so worried about taking attention away from Logan.  Obviously, telling her exciting news would no way take away from Logan.  We are family and I am so honored that no only we got to be a part of her special day, but that she was going to allow us to share in the celebration!
Here are a few pictures of Jack opening his present to find out the sex of the baby:
It's a what?

We got home from the ultrasound and got everything ready for the party.  I have to say, the party was pretty close to perfect!  We had a wonderful time, Logan seemed to really enjoy himself, and we were surrounded by loved ones.  Chris and I worked so hard to get everything ready and I was so thankful he had finished the basement!  I knew we would need the basement due to the number of people coming, so it was so nice to have that available for people to use as well.  Josh, Megan and Mackenzie spent the night, so it was great that they had a place to stay and their own bathroom!

I have had so much fun working on this party and I feel like I have been planning it forever.  I was so lucky to have my mom on the look out for snowflake stuff for the past month.  Here are a few several of  the pictures of the decorations:

These are the invitations I made.  (I blocked out our address since this is online)

wreath on the front door

Logan's monthly pictures

The hot chocolate bar

The goody bags

Here are some of the pictures from the party!
my new bike from Mimi and Pops!

too much fun

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I borrowed it from a friend from high school.  Chris is going to buy Logan a tool for each birthday so that by the time he moves out he will have a complete set of tools.  This year, Chris decided to get him his very first hammer!

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!!!  We love you so much!!!

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  1. Awww!!!! I am crying all over again. I am so glad we were there for Logan's special day. He is one precious angel. I can't believe he is one. It is going by so fast. Thanks again for everything...including finding out about our newest. WE LOVE YOU ALL