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Friday, January 7, 2011

Wholy Cow's Milk!

I returned to work on Wednesday, and I am happy to report that the pump did not come back to work with me!  YAY!
With the okay from the doctor, I gave Logan a few ounces of whole milk a few days before going back to work and he seems to like it just fine.  I've just been giving to to him cold in his straw sippy cup or the Nuk sippy cup. 
Here's a picture of him taking one of this first sips. 
He is still nursing 3 times a day and it's probably a good thing I'm not quite ready to wean, because I don't think he is either!
I am also happy to report that we have not used a bottle since before Christmas!  I think I will pack those away, too!

Chris has been out of town since Sunday and Mimi and Pops are enjoying a cruise in the Panama Canal, so Granddaddy came and spent the night with us Tuesday night, so he could be here with Logan Wednesday morning while I went to work.  I had no doubt that Granddaddy would do fine with Logan, but I have to say, I was quite impressed!  I received several pictures and reports throughout the day and although Logan kept Granddaddy very busy, it looked like they had a great time!  Granddaddy told me that they had lots of talks, several of which included hunting!  (Although I'm not keen on the gun part of it, I am looking forward to the time Logan gets to go hunting with the boys.  The men in our family are hunters from the get-go and I look forward to the guys introducing Logan to this family past-time).

Chris got back last night, and we were so excited to see him.  In fact, Logan was so excited, he decided to get up for the day at 5:45am.  Nothing says, "Welcome Home, Dada" like an early morning wake up call!
The bad thing about Chris being out of town, was that I had 5 days to create his new "Honey Do" list.  Opps!  Hey, there's a lot to do before a party.  Plus, Melanie, Scott and Jack are coming in Friday!  YAY!  Can't wait to see all 4 of them!  :)

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