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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mother's intuition?

We all know my son has not quite mastered the skill of sleeping through the night, but he does go through little spurts of accomplishing this task.  I think I had one of those mother's intuition moments the other day, after several nights of waking with my little man 5+ times a night.  I just had the feeling that something might be wrong.  Logan had been battling a runny nose for about a week and a half, and it went from green to clear and green again!  (YUCK!)  I knew that the stuffy nose might be making it difficult for him to sleep, but I still knew something else was wrong.  I started debating whether to take Logan to the doctor.  Another voice in my head was telling me it was just teething.  Logan's two side top teeth have broken through and he's been chewing on everything as the Nile runs out of his mouth!  I just kept thinking I should take him to get his ear's checked, since we had no idea that he had an ear infection the last time.  Thursday morning I decided to call the doctor's office to see if they thought I should come in, and sure enough they wanted to see him. 

Do I look a little pitiful?
(Hope also brought Daniel in to get checked out, since he was having similar symptoms.  Play Date at the doctor, how fun!)
Logan was acting like he felt fine, except for the runny nose and poking at his ear.  Sure enough when Ms. Debbie, the nurse practitioner, checked his left ear, she announced that if was in fact, infected!  DANG IT!  Poor baby!
So, we are on our second round of meds for ear infections and go back in two weeks for a recheck, which happens to be when our big boy will be due for his 1 year check up!!!
Hope and I took the boys to Chick-fil-a for a "feel better" lunch date before heading home to get medicine and some much needed TLC!
The matching outfits were actually not planned this time!  Are they not the cutest boys you've ever seen!

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