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Monday, January 17, 2011

12 Months!

Weight: 24 lbs. 3 oz.
Length: 29 1/2 inches

Eating: First of all, our big boy has 7 teeth all the way through and 1 more on the bottom left that looks like it will be next!  Logan is still nursing first thing in the morning and before bed, and since I've been home for almost a month, he is nursing once or twice during the day.  We were planning on no nursing during the day at this point, just whole milk, so we will aim for this tomorrow, when I go back to work. :(
Logan is 100% off the bottle!  We have been bottle free for over 2 weeks!  He drinks a little whole milk out of the sippy and lots of water during the day.  He will pretty much eat anything, but has definite favorites.  He LOVES any type of melon, bananas, mini pancakes, peas, green beans, pasta, grilled cheese and yogurt.  We tried peanut butter today.  I put a little on his lips, which of course he liked off and gave him a cracker with a little drop of it.  He seemed to like it.  I think we will try a sandwich tomorrow! 

Sleeping: I left the doctor's office feeling a little frustrated with myself about this.  As you know, Logan has woken during the night for 90% of his life and I know this issue has continued partly because of me.  When Logan was younger and even recently, when he wakes during the night it is SO much easier to bring him into the bed to nurse.  I love the rocker in his room, but when you are freezing and exhausted at 3:00am, your own warm bed sounds so much better.  So, there in lies the problem.  We have this horrible cycle of Logan waking not because he's hungry, but because he wants to be with me and in our bed.  The sucker that I am, I continue to feed into this pattern.  After talking to the doctor, she explained that once the baby has a taste of the parents bed, that is what they want, and they are smart and can figure out how to get in their.  Here's my frustration: How in the world do you nurse a baby and never bring them into the bed?  I know millions of mommies nurse, so does that mean every other breastfeeding mother is dealing with the same problem I am?  I made the decision to breastfeed, because I knew it was best for Logan, and it was what I wanted to do.  Hearing that I am the one who is causing him to not sleep really frustrates me.  I would never change my mind about nursing and don't think for 1 minute, I regret my decision, I simply just want to vent and express my frustration. 
(deep breath)....okay ....so we are going to try crying it out AGAIN tonight and over the next few weeks or months, wean Logan from the 5am feeding and see if we can get him to sleep for 12 hours. 

Social Skills: Just in the last two weeks, our sweet little baby has decided to become quite independent!  He has started to push my hands away when I try to help, and even pushes my hands away when I push the grocery cart!  He also doesn't like to be fed.  He wants the food to be on his tray and then he will pick it up and put it in his mouth.  For a while he has let us know when he didn't like something, but watch out, now he will put up a protest!  He will throw his head back, let out a few wails and whip his head around.  It is pretty amazing to watch him make his own decisions and choices right now and be able to so clearly communicate them. 
Dada, Baba, Yeah, and Hey are the words that frequently come out of his mouth.  There is an occasional Mama, mmmmmm, and something that resembles Lilly.  I swear he said Josh the other day, when my brother was trying to get him to say it. 

Motor Skills: Look out world, here comes logan!!!  Although he is not a walker yet, he has on several occasions taken three steps.  He is so adorable when he tries to walk and you can also hear the thoughts in his head saying, "should I try this, maybe it's easier if I just squat down and crawl over, no maybe I will try it....whoa....".  We'll keep working on the walking and post a video as soon as we can catch a few steps on camera. 
Logan loves to wave bye bye, clap and give high 5!  He is still being a little explorer and crawling and climbing on everything! 

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