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Monday, May 20, 2013

He'll kill me for this one, too!

Last Monday we went and played at Granddaddy and Barbara's house and even spent the night!  I had to work the next day so Granddaddy and Logan were going to spend the day together.  We got to their house and immediately had to go outside to see the waterfall.  Logan had a big time throwing leaves in it (Sorry Granddaddy) and had to say hi to all of the animals outside. 
Then, we ate a delicious dinner and what else to follow a great meal....
A candle lit bubble bath, of course!!!  Barbara got Logan all set with the candles, mommy whipped out her phone an the little man just began to pose!   It was pretty cute! 

I know he will kill me for these one day, but we already have so many others, so what's a few more! 
Logan and Granddaddy had a big day and I am so thankful for the help!  We are so very very blessed to have such loving and helpful grandparents on both sides who support us and are willing to help us through anything.  I love that Logan will grow up knowing this love and building these special relationships with all of his grandparents and his great grandmother!
I love my family!

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