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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to the Forest

While Granddaddy was hunting a few weeks ago he found a little friend for Logan, so he threw it in the back of his truck.  It took us a few days to get over to pick it up, but Logan was ready to hop right in the truck to check it out.  Surprisingly, the little turtle, who had created a comfy home in some leaves, was still alive and probably in shock!  
 We played with him a while and then boxed him up and had to bring him home to live on our back porch.
He roamed around on the back porch for two days and Logan eagerly visited him each evening and thought it was really funny when Turtle felt comfortable enough to run across the porch.  We went to check on him evening 3, and we search all over the porch, even under the grill, his new favorite spot, but we couldn't find him.  That's when I saw what any porch turtle keeper dreads....a loose porch pole in the side of the deck.  We had to assume that little turtle was just cruising along and pushed against the side of the deck and then took a diiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!  Opps!!!  As Logan is asking me for the 23rd time, "Mom, where's the turtle?"  I quickly replied that he must have missed his mommy and daddy so much that he needed to go back to the forest to see them. 
Thanks to the thousands of books we've read about animal babies and their moms and dads, he was okay with it.  He continued to ask about the turtle for a few days, but the gentle reminder of his family was enough to make it okay with Logan.  :)

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