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Friday, May 10, 2013


After a long day of work and an exciting night at Granddaddy's (next post), Logan and I headed home to go to bed.  We pulled in the drive way and I was already dreaming of the hot bath I was about to take and then plopping down on the couch.  I opened Logan's door to get him out and BAM.....there it laid....face down on the concrete.  The iPad laid open on the ground with protective cover wide open and I couldn't help but just stand there.  I knew what was coming.  I pick it up and sure enough that whole screen had shattered.  SUPER SAD FACE  :(
I got Logan inside and behind stressing and worrying knowing that there was probably not insurance on the iPad.  I told myself to just let it go for the night and try to go to Apple tomorrow and b-e-g them for a new one.  I sat still for about 2.1 seconds and decided to check online to see what time I could make an appointment for the next day.  To my surprise, I saw an opening for 8:50 pm that night.  It was 7:50, so I kissed Logan and Chris goodbye knowing I wouldn't sleep if I didn't go, and threw myself and my shattered iPad in the car. 

I arrived at the Apple store and couldn't believe the crowd there at 8:00 on a Tuesday night.  I waited, and waited and waited until the girl finally came to help me at 8:55.  She looked my serial number up, again knowing that I didn't think I had the insurance and expecting to hear I was going to have to shell out $249 for a new one.  Then I heard some magic words, "Looks like you do have insurance.  $49 bucks and we'll get you out of here."  I threw my card to her and took a huge sigh of relief.  I would have loved it to be free, but at that point I was happy to pay $49 for my stupidity. 

So, 15 minutes later I was on my way back home with a new iPad in hand and a promise to go spend the money to get a better protective case. 


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