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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We almost have a 10 pounder!!

We were out to lunch yesterday, so we decided to stop by PAMPA to visit and weigh Logan. (I love seeing how much he is changing and growing each week). We weighed him and he was 9lbs. 13 oz.!! Last week at his checkup, he was 8lbs. 13 oz. A whole pound in a week?? He was 22 inches long! What a champ! He is growing so quickly. If he keeps at the same rate, he should be 10 pounds by tomorrow or Monday. This week he is officially out of newborn clothes and wearing 3 month clothes. I thought they would be too big, but they fit him perfectly. I know every mother says this, but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful baby. I love my baby more than words can says. I am such a proud Mama!

Here is a picture of Grandaddy giving him a baba the other night.

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