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Friday, December 28, 2012

"Santa Reindeer"

Has it really already come and gone?  This year, Logan was very into Christmas and I feel like he actually started to understand.  At school and church he was learning the story of Baby Jesus and could actually name most of the main people involved.  He loved my nativity set, especially trying to make Mary and Baby Jesus go for rides on the donkey and camel. 

He loves to read his Christmas books and really seemed to understand the concept of Santa making toys at the North Pole and having the reindeer bring him on Christmas Eve.  He would talk about Santa all day long, but as soon as I mentioned Santa actually coming to our house, he would say "No Santa".  I can't blame him, the thought of a man creeping into our house at night is a little scary! 

We were very busy for the past few days, with school party, an awesome church service, Christmas Eve at Mimi and Pop's, Christmas morning with Granddaddy and Barbara, Christmas at my mom's and then finally seeing Mackenzie. 
I found myself sitting back a few times, even during all of the chaos, and just taking in Logan and trying to imagine the excited and wonder going through his little mind.  There is just something so magical about Christmas morning. 

I'm sure I've said it before, but we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I don't know what we would do without them.  This Christmas season helped to remind me just how truly blessed we are. 


At Logan's school party

opening his stocking from his sweet teachers

Showing G.G. the choo choo on the tree

His "yellow dog" is one of his favorite toys

G.G. made hats for all the kids.  Adorable!

The Symphony B. toy.  It's so cool!  He loves the tuba and drum the best. 

Look what Santa left!

Checking out the cookies first thing Christmas morning

too much to play with

His awesome truck from Granddaddy

Toy Story Potato Heads


Sneaking M&M's before dinner at my mom's

His new 4 wheeler

A little coffee after dinner

His first hunting play set.  I see a future hunter!

And... DONE!  no more presents
well, one more with Kenzie. 
Merry Christmas!!

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