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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sneaky Giant Kisses

My kids at school are so sweet and loaded me up with mountains of chocolate for Valentine's Day.  After giving as much of it away as I could, I brought a few of the bigger (and better) things home.  I had them on the island until I could figure out what to do with it all.
Fast forward to Saturday morning when I was on an important phone call with the insurance company, which is never an easy or quick call.  I heard Logan making all kids of noise and I may have heard a box opening, but to be honest I was more concerned with the man on the phone.  After realizing Logan was being a little too quiet, I walked into the dining room to find that he had carefully opened and unwrapped a GIANT chocolate kiss.  Not only was he holding it like it was gold, but he had taken a good hunk out of the top and was not afraid to show me.  Through my giggles and mental meltdown thinking about his chocolate covered hands, and trying to get the heck off the phone, I grabbed my camera and snapped this pictures.  Then, I spend the next twenty minutes trying to explain to my crying toddler why he could not continue with his adorable, but naughty activity. 

See the evidence on the table?  

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