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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big, Big Boy Bed

We decided to go ahead and convert Logan's toddler bed into a full size bed this summer.  I figured just in case there were issues with it, I'd be home and we'd have time to help him adjust.  However, like each bed transition, he did perfectly and was so excited for the new bed. 

 We had been talking about it for weeks since I had to order the kit (Thank you Granddaddy!), pick up the mattress, and get new sheets and decor.  I knew I did not want to paint again, so I had to make a decision about decor.  I struggled with whether to keep the turtle nursery set or to look for something else.  The green and blue in his room matched the turtle set exactly, so I knew it would be hard to find something that looked like a big boy room with those colors. 
I found a green quilt set at Target that actually matched and decided to go from there.  I decided, I would eventually paint the room (like in 5 years!) so I would just make minimal changes for now.  We went to G.G.'s fabric store and I found an adorable line with animals and cute designs.  I think it looks a little more grown up, but definitely still like a little boy's room, which is exactly what I waned.  I asked G.G. to make two shams, two throw pillows, a little throw quilt and a window valence.  Just as always, Nana whipped it out in less than two days!  She is pretty amazing and it all looks beautiful!
Tearfully, I removed all of the turtle nursery items and decided to list them on a site to try to sell so another little baby could enjoy it.  (So far no luck, which is crazy since it's so cute and in such good shape).  I had met my dad earlier that day and with his help we purchased and loaded the mattress into his truck and took his truck for the afternoon. I headed home, trying to avoid a down pour, and hauled it into the garage.  Then while Logan was napping, I again, tearfully, took the crib apart and installed the side rails and slats.  Why yes, I am pretty handy, thanks for noticing.   I figured I would have to wait until Chris got home to get the mattress upstairs, but when this girl is determined, not much will get in my way.  I slid that full size mattress all the way to the stairs, fought it all the way up the stairs and had quite a battle trying to get it through the baby gate and 90 degree angle at the top of the stairs.  I finally got it and by that time Logan was up.  As soon as he saw the mattress and the bed frame in the room, he was dancing, jumping and yelling, "It's my big, big boy bed!  It's my big, big boy bed!  Yay! Yay! Yay!"  It was pretty cute! 

So he "helped" me get the sheets and pillows on and even though he ha just woken up from a nap, the only thing he wanted to do for the next 2 hours was lay in his bed. 

I am finishing up a few things in the room, like lamps and wall hangings, but  overall, I am so pleased with how well it turned out. 

Here's the progression of the crib and then a few pictures of the new big, big boy bed and room. 

The Crib when we I was about 25 weeks pregnant.  Had it ready to go:) 

The toddler bed when we made the transition last year

Mommy's hard work coming along

I couldn't get him out!  He just wanted to lay down and read books.  I couldn't argue. 

The big boy bed

Wall hangings that are still in process.  I'm going to add ribbon today so they will hang.

The curtain G.G. made

This is the little quilt that I have folded over the end of the bed.

This picture from Target doesn't match the animals exactly, but Logan loved it and I think it's close enough. 
Thank you G.G. and Dad for your help with his big boy room. 

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