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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brave Little Cowboy

Saturday we went to this neat little farm not too far from the house.  It's called Tanglewood Farm and it's basically miniature everything.  There were miniature goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, and several other miniature farm friends.  We walked past the pony rides on our way in and I didn't even ask Logan because I was sure he wouldn't want to do it.  (Note to self: Stop underestimating child!)
We went through the maze of animals and saw some very cute (and very stinky) farm friends along the way.  Logan wasn't scared of the animals, but didn't have much interested in petting them.  He was more of a tour guide and described each animal along the way.  Here are a few of the pictures:

Caught and put in jail!

Daniel petting a mini donkey

Cute mini goats

Daniel wanted to hold the goats and Logan was saying, "Aww, he's a baby.  He's so sweet!"

Shiloh was NOT a fan of the mini llamas

So pretty!

Checking out the turkeys

I love this picture.  It's so typical of these two.  :)

The end of the tour ended with the pony rides.  When Logan said he wanted to ride, I about fell on the floor from shock.  We watched another little girl go and he continued to say he wanted to go.  So, we got the helmets on and went in the gate so the man could give the boys "instructions".  Daniel got on the horse first and Logan started to cry.  I thought it was because he realized what he was doing and decided he was not interested, but he was actually crying because he wanted to get on the pony right then.  The man walked Logan's horse around and I put him up on the saddle.  He held right on and was ready to ride.  I walked around with him for the first two laps, and he was doing so well, I decided to let him go.  He was such a big cowboy and so brave.  I was one proud mommy!


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