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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Show On Earth!


Mimi and Pop gave Logan tickets to the Circus for his birthday.  Logan was so excited to go and talked about seeing the elephants, tigers and lions (we found out there are no lions at the circus) for weeks.  He would wake up and ask, "Is today the day we go to the circus?"  When I had to tell him it wasn't he'd make a sad face and say, "Aw, man!"

We arrived early and went down on the arena floor for the pre-show.  There were clowns juggling, an aerial dancer and a bounce house for kids to jump in.  Logan was convinced the tigers were in the bounce house and after about 10 minutes, he begged to go to our seats so the tigers wouldn't get him.

We decided to get a snack before going to our seats, and of course, Logan found the toys.  They were hard to miss since they had a toy stand about every 20 feet in there.  He picked the white tiger...no surprise there!  We tried to show him the bigger stuffed animal white tiger, or the cute stuffed white tiger and baby, but he insisted on this smaller plastic one.  He was so proud of it, and loved the "jingle bells" around it's neck.

Logan decided his snack of choice was popcorn.  The circus was great and Logan was really enjoying it.  When the acts changed and there were no animals performing, he would lean over and whisper, "Mom, when do more tigers and elephants come out?"  This child is obsessed with animals!  Then, when the animals would come out, his eyes were dead locked on them just like the picture below.

See that elephant?  And Logan's blue lips?  We are such suckers and just couldn't tell Logan no when he asked for a snow cone in the elephant.  You can's spoil a child, right?

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