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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Master Plan

Well, today was supposed to be my due date for the pregnancy that I had in July that sadly ended in a d and c instead of a precious baby.  It stinks to think that we could have been welcoming our second child into our family right now.  Instead, we are still looking at this empty ultrasound screen praying one day we will see our little bean growing in there.  We are still holding onto faith that God will give us our baby when the time is right. 

I went to see the specialist again last Friday for the saline ultrasound and a consult after.  The ultrasound was interesting.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  They inserted a catheter and then a balloon into my uterus.  Then, they slowly push saline into the balloon so that they can get a really good look at my uterus.  She explained they were looking for fibroid, polyps, or scar tissue that might hinder an embryo from implanting.  It was quite a strange sensation and hurt a little as they enlarged the balloon. It only lasted about 5 minutes, so I just tried to grin and bear it.  Luckily, everything looked great and my uterus got the "all clear" from Dr. Hasty.  

I went into her office and we discussed all the lab results and what she thought our plan would be.  She confirmed that I do have PCOS and described it a a "closet case" since I don't have the typical symptoms.  She wrote me a prescription for Metformin, a common drug used to treat PCOS.  She seemed very confident that the Metformin should help us and would significantly decrease the risk of miscarriage.  I asked about Clomid since I had to take it with Logan, but she seemed to think that since I was ovulating on my own and having regular cycles I wouldn't need it at this point.
So, here we go...She hugged me, handed me the prescription and told me to call her when I get a positive test!!  I'm very hopeful, extremely thankful and still really nervous.  This really is the best case scenario.  Our insurance has covered everything up until this point, and the medication I was prescribed was a whopping $4 for 2 months worth.  
Please continue to pray for us.  Here's to hoping we see something on that empty ultrasound screen very soon.  

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