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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Offically on Month 5

I guess I will start this backwards, and work my way to where we are now. We went on a wonderful cruise for New Years, and brought the New Year in with the dream of starting our own family. I stopped taking birth control pills on January 1st, and had this crazy thought that I would instatnly get pregnant! Well, not quite! After lots of trying and two long months with no period, I was disappointed to find out that we were not pregnant. We continued to try and after another two months of no period and negative pregnancy tests I decided to go and see my GYN. He did some lab work and determined that I am not ovulating regularly or at all. He prescribed Provera to bring on my period, and Clomid for the next cycle. While at that appointment, I had bloodwork done that showed my TSH levels were out of range. Feeling very frustrated, I went to a general practioner to discuss thyroid issues. The doctor I saw redid the bloodwork, and all throid levels came back normal. That was a relief to hear, but I will be going back for rechecks to monitor the levels.
So, now here we are in May and I just finished my first (hopefully my only) round of Clomid. We both realize it can take couples up to a year to conceive and we are keeping our chins up! We know God has a plan for us!

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