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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No, Logan's dream of becoming a pilot did not come true yet....

I wish that was what he was doing. Unfortunately, the little cold that Logan started with has now turned into Broncholitis. I noticed him wheezing a little Sunday afternoon and having a little trouble breathing. It wasn't bad enough to go to the hospital, so we waited to go to the doctor first thing Monday morning. When he woke up he was wheezing pretty badly and by the time we got to the doctor he was working pretty hard to breathe. He had a breathing treatment at the office and the wheezing seemed to improve some. We were sent home with a very cute nebulizer that looks like a penguin. We are giving Logan breathing treatments at least every 4 hours or sooner if the wheezing comes back. The albuterol, the medicine we are giving him, causes his legs and lips to quiver. It scared me at first, but they said it was normal and should go away. We were told we would probably be doing these breathing treatments for the next few weeks!! He is doing much better today, and finally eating a little better. He is still not eating like he normally would, but at least there is some improvement. I think yesterday's doctor's appointment was worse on Mommy than it was on Logan. Even though he was having trouble breathing, he was still smiling and talking to the doctor. Mommy however, had a hard time watching him struggle and just wanted to wave a magic wand and make him feel better. I go back to work Thursday, but at least he will be with his Mimi and Daddy so I won't have to worry about someone not knowing what to do for him.
Poor Baby :(

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