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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

21 months!

I'm a little late, but man are things busy right now.  School is stressing me out, classes and homework are getting to be too much, a clean house now consist of sporadic vacuums, clean toilets, and corralling toys into baskets as quick as my little helper can pull them out again.  BUT, amongst all this craziness, we still take time to stop and be a family and be thankful for the many blessings around us. 

Logan has had an eventful month and he is doing so many new things.  I'm not sure about his latest stats, but I'm sure he's close to 30 pounds.  I swear the boy just. keeps. growing!  I put a pair of his jeans on him the other day, and Chris wanted to know why I had put Logan in capris.  We are right on the edge of of 24 months and 2T clothes.  He is still sporting size 4 diapers, and has a new trick with his diaper.  When he only has a diaper on, which is not very often thanks to this little trick, he likes to pull his :ahem: friend out through the top and just let "him" peek out!  This was, (okay, still is), hilarious until I thought about him trying to do this with pants on at school or out in public.  I can imagine the call now: "Jessica, umm, Logan has been exposing himself today to the other children."  Oh My!  I would be mortified!

Logan has also become an expert at opening doors.  Not only can he open them, but he can stealth out of them without anyone knowing.  Yes, we are speaking from an actual encounter.  Luckily it was at Mimi and Pops and they live way out so he was just taking a walk back behind the house to his favorite tree.  Yes, we have knobs on all of the doors.  No, we haven't resorted to duck taping his hands, but that's next on the list if he continues to escape!

Daddy has been really proud of his boy lately!  While Daddy is trying to teach Logan how to play football, scream touchdown, and do all the manly things they are supposed to do, Logan has had other plans.  Lately, he would rather play with Mommy's bracelets and necklaces.  Who doesn't love something shiny that clanks, especially when you can put it on your wrist and bang it together.  Can you blame him?  At least while he does it, he usually wears his very manly fireman boots.  Logan comes in from being somewhere and immediately goes to the boots, ripes off his tennis shoes and tries with all of his might to get the boots on.  Usually we have to come to the rescue to help him.  I think the problem is the boots are getting a little too tight.  Looks like new rain boots will have to go on Logan's Santa Wish List.
How cute is this?

We always joke when our dog Lilly is being annoying that she is "Logan's dog."  Well he must have heard this so much, he decided to take the responsibility upon himself.  He loves to go to her basket, take out her leash and have us put it on her.  Then, he pulls her along in the house, or she yanks him exactly where she wants to go.  He loves walking her, but I'm too afraid to let them try this act outside.  I have a feeling it would go like this.  Logan meet concrete.  Lilly meet freedom.


I am trying to get Logan jumping on video.  It might just be the cutest thing to date.  He helps me count while squatting down and popping up.  He doesn't actually make it off the ground, but he does do this little rock on his tip toes that he thinks is jumping.  I love it!  I'm on a mission to get this on video this weekend. 

Logan's current word count, I think is 11 words.  I am still a little worried about this, but I am going to wait a little longer before my typical unnecessary worrying.  (Yes, I know I worry too much sometimes)
His very clear words as of now are: toe, tree, two, apple, Mama, Dada, no, ni-ni, go, nose, eyes.

I could go on for hours about how perfect he is, but those things I mentioned above (vacuum, toilets, and homework) are calling me to come and pay them attention.  Here are a few more pictures:

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