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Monday, October 31, 2011

He had an "udderly" good time!

Our neighborhood decided to have Halloween Saturday night instead of tonight.  When I first heard a few weeks ago, I was a little bummed, but now that it's all over I am really glad it worked out this way.  We were able to trick or treat Saturday, eat a bunch of candy, stay up late, and not worry about waking up early the next day for work and school.  Sunday we had a restful day and enjoy the Saint's game (even though they lost to an win-less team.)  Tonight, Halloween night, we stopped by the local festival at the park and then stopped by Granddaddy's house for a very quick (30 minute visit.  Nana, I'm so sorry we didn't come by.  We had to go help Mimi and Pop.  I'll come see you this week....I promise!)

Logan was an adorable cow and got so many compliments while we were parading around the neighborhood.  He had a ball running down the street and got pretty good about going up to the neighbors' doors.  He took the candy from many people and put it right into his bag.  When the neighbors just held out the bowls, Logan thought he was supposed to take the whole bowl.  We got a good chuckle! 

Look at that tummy!

My favorite! 

My other favorite! 

We took him to about 15 houses and I think he had a really good time! 

I don't know when he was cuter, the turtle or the cow? 

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