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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smells Like a Man

So, we have had a few more silly items make it into the bed in the last few nights.  Sunday night, after the big Saints win, he decided he had to take his football to bed!  Guess he was really pumped like his daddy. 

Last night, he had been toting around Chris's empty bottle of aftershave and there was no way he was going to willingly give it up.  After a little hesitation, I decided to just let him take it, and I planned on sneaking in to get it after he feel asleep.  He went right down and I went in around 11:00 to get grab the bottle, snap a picture and sneak out without him waking up.  When I opened the door and looked at him, I saw the cap was off and his room had an ode' de man smell.  I got the bottle out and went back to bed. 

When he woke up this morning, I got him out of the crib and as I was kissing him, I felt like I had a grown man in my arms.  Even though there was no aftershave left in the bottle, I think the smell just engulfed him.  Chris had to give him a good scrub down before school this morning.  We can't have grown men going to preschool! 

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