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Monday, November 28, 2011

It Can't Hurt

After some deliberation, I put a call into Logan's doctor this afternoon to discuss his speech.  We spoke at his 18 month appointment and she said that if he didn't have 50-100 words by Thanksgiving to give her a call and we'd go from there.  When I spoke with her tonight, I explained that if I wrote a list of any word that Logan has ever said I think I could get to 20, but if I wrote a list of words he uses regularly, it might be half of that...maybe.  
We discussed that he definitely understands everything we say, follows commands, and communicates with us in other ways (grunting, pointing, crying, taking our hands, etc.)  She said that if he wasn't showing signs of communicating with us or understanding us, she would be very concerned.  She also was straight forward with me and said that technically if he didn't have at least 50 words by his second birthday then he would be considered not meeting that developmental milestone. 

I know I can over worry...remember the tip toe worry I had? So, I asked his doctor to be honest with me and if I was jumping the gun on this then to just tell me and I would be okay to wait this out.  She explained that he may just be a late talker, but she knows me and knows that I would be happier if we went ahead with the speech evaluation, and she also said, "it can't hurt." 
So, we are going to try to schedule it during my Winter Break from school.  She said before a speech evaluation, they will require that his hearing is checked, so that is on my list to schedule tomorrow.  We are going to try to go through the state and Babies Can't Wait program.  Like I said in my other post about his tip toes.  I'm sure everything is fine, but I would rather be overcautious than find out later that we could have been doing to help him now. 

We do all of the normal talking to him, reading books, flash cards with animals, naming things when we see them, but I just wonder if there is something I can do to help him use the words that he knows and how to best continue to acquire and use new words. 

Wish us luck! 
My mom gave Logan this cute hat and a matching outfit.  He somehow got distracted and left the hat on long enough for me to snap this picture.

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  1. My boys didn't really start talking until just after their 2nd bday. I was kinda freaking out, but it was like one day they just woke up and haven't stopped talking since!! :) I totally understand your worries, but hopefully he is just a late talker!!