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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have a few posts/pictures I keep meaning to do, but time seems to slip right out of my fingers lately.  So, excuse this random post, but here is a weeks worth of blogging all dumped into one post.  (Less than 3 months of school left!....Summer is almost here!)

Chris sent this to me one morning at school, and I just about died from laughing so hard!  Apparently, Logan got a little bored while Chris was in the shower and decided he'd see how many of these he could fit in the toilet.  Thank goodness he didn't flush!  Needless to say...a toilet lock has been purchased.  (Did you even know they made toilet locks?)

Logan and Mommy just hanging out!

Logan is a little obsessed with babies right now.  He loves his cousin Shiloh.

Logan watching Pop cut the grass.  He is just waiting for the day, he can go out and help.

Yep, that's a diaper.  After putting Logan in our bed, he feel back asleep and I snuck downstairs to make a cup of coffee.  Appartently, he decided he would sleep better without any "restrictions". 

Logan's new swimsuit and rash guard for out cruise coming up in just 3 weeks and 3 days!  (Thanks Uncle Josh, Aunt Megan and Kenzie!)

And just because there is nothing sweeter....My sleeping angel!

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