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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We ventured out to the zoo this past weekend for Sunday Funday.  Chris and I hadn't been to the zoo since we were little so we were pretty excited to go and excited to see how Logan liked it.  It was a special day where admission was only $5 vs. the normal $22.  Of course, it was PACKED!!!  We got there right after they opened and it was getting crowded, but not too bad.  It was pretty chilly, and I think he was a little tired when we got there, so he looks a little out of it in a few of the first pictures. 

It was hard for him to notice the smaller animals and some of the birds, but once we got to the big guys, he loved it!  He really seems to enjoy the gorillas and the pandas.  We kept pointing at them, and looking at us like, "Do you see that?"

We had to bring Logan's animal quilt for the zoo.  (Thanks G.G.)

Showing us the otters

It's still impossible to get a picture of both of us looking

We are thinking of getting a annual membership so that we can take Logan back this summer while I'm off work.  There is also a train that we didn't get to ride because of the crowds, and a carousel we did ride, which we won't be riding again.  Logan did not want to sit on the animal.  So basically, I held him while we went around and around in a circle! 

The membership is only $89 for the year since he's under three.  A good investment for my animal loving boy?

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  1. We just renewed our zoo pass for the 3rd year in a row!! The kids never get tired of it!! We love it!