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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get the Bubble Back Out

I remember thinking last year and the year before that I was going to just zip Logan up in a bubble, dub him "The Bubble Boy" and frolic in the news that he would never get sick again.  While I am still considering this idea, I'm not sure how Logan's social skills would be affected.

My poor baby's been running a fever since Monday.  It's been anywhere from 102-104 and goes down to about 100 with meds.  Speaking of meds, I've had to get very creative with meds.  Logan pretty much refuses to take any medicine now, even Advil, which he used to like.  I've tried hiding it in milk, oatmeal, pudding, but as soon as the little stinker realizes it's in there he refuses to keep eating or drinking.  We've also re"painted" walls while trying to give him the medicine orally.  He has quite the spitting range! 

When his fever was still up at 103.5 tonight after meds, I asked Mimi what else to do.  She suggested Tylenol suppositories.  Luckily, we were able to force the Advil down and didn't have to try the suppositories yet.  Hopefully, he starts feeling better soon.  He is so pitiful!  When his fever's up he pretty much just wants to sleep and lay around on me. 

(I love that he had his foot crossed)

Get better soon, Baby Boy!  We have lots of playing to do! 

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry he's sick! Emily had a fever of 106 last week, and kept a fever for 5 days. Then, Rodney and I got it!

    I love those suppositories. They are super easy to use, and they are great for when they won't take anything by mouth, or when they are throwing up and can't keep medicine down. I once took my oldest daughter to the ER and we stayed there for six long hours, only to have them give her a suppository. After that night, I always have them in my medicine cabinet, just in case!!!

    Hope he feels better now!