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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 may be a crowd, but not for us!

This weekend we were so lucky to have not only one friend come over to play, but we had 2 friends.  Mackenzie, who is Logan's 3 year old cousin, and Wyatt who is one of my good friend's almost 3 year old, came over Saturday to play while their parents went out for Date Nights!

We had a blast!  They spent most of the night being super silly and copying each other.  Chris and I had a taste of what it would be like to have triplets or 3 kids and we are certain 2 will be enough for us!  They weren't hard to keep, but we just needed more hands! 

Logan and Kenzie kicked Saturday off with a nice long nap.

Then we got dinner ready and had some play time.

Then, we gave them a bath...but this was a special bath...GLOW BATH!!  They each got a few glow sticks and of course we had to turn the lights off.  I think they had fun!

We got jammies on and we squeezed in a little more playtime before bed.  Kenzie had been talking about smoothies all day, so we had a fruit smoothie before bed.

**I read each of them a few stories before bed, and while I was reading Kenzie her story, she stopped the book and said, "Aunt Jess, Logan and Wyatt are my best friends."  I swear I almost started crying!

Sunday morning, Kenzie wanted to wear her Minnie Mouse outfit, so we found Logan's Mickey shirt so they could be twins!  Kenzie loved this!

We had a fun weekend!  Can't wait to have them over again.  We just need to add Cousin Daniel to the party! 

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