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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Easter House

Granddaddy has been calling us on the way home for a few weeks telling us all about this Easter house that he passes on the way home from work each day.  We were near his office on Thursday, so we decided to meet for a few minutes to see just what all the excitement was about.  

It wasn't enough for my dad just to show Logan the decorations, he had to go knock on the door to meet the person who lived there.  He was greeted by a sweet lady, Ms. Anderson, who had lived in the house for over 40 years.  She seemed very excited to have visitors and was happy to let us take a few pictures.

Mr. Curious had to open an egg

In true fashion of my father, we just had to go inside to see even more Easter decor, since that wasn't enough.  Bless the poor woman's heart, she didn't have a lick of air conditioning turned on and there was a wasp flying around the ceiling.  The wasp is why Logan is curled up in my arms, although you may have thought it was from the forty bunnies staring us down.  

Thanks Granddaddy for another memorable adventure!  

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