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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sea World 2014

We decided a few months ago that we would take a trip to Sea World this summer.  With Logan's obsession of animals, we knew this place would be perfect for him.   I have so many pictures, so I'm going to try to put them in order, but they may get a little mixed up.  

Daniel and Logan on the trip down.  Logan was reading his ocean book and getting excited.  

We finally made it!  Logan loves maps, and he was ready to own the park!

 Free refills all day!  Yes, please!

Good thing Logan didn't see this or we may have had to take it home.

Checking out the flamingos

Mommy and Daddy!

Feeding the Stingrays

 Up close with the dolphins

The Sea Turtles were awesome!

 Sea Cows

He was in Heaven.  Can you tell?

It was freezing with the penguins!

Riding on Shamu

In the Arctic caves

They loved the Belugas

We had lunch with the sharks!!

It kept them entertained for a while

We couldn't leave without some more animals for our collection.

He and his new friends were quite worn out!

We spent two amazing days at Sea World, and probably could have gone back again.  Logan couldn't get enough of the animals and we actually really enjoyed it, too.
The third day, we headed over to Downtown Disney took Logan to the Lego store.  He is really into Legos now, of course, the sets with the animals.  They also have some fun fountains the kids really enjoyed.

We had such a wonderful time and made some awesome memories together.  Logan is already asking when we can go back to Sea World!

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